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Update on Today's Appointment!

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I went to my Pediatric Cardiologist today and was put on a SRRI...I think that's the right name! Anyway, it's called Effexor, for the first two weeks I'm to take 37.5mg then from there on out I'd take 75mg. If the Effexor does not seem to be working he'll put me on another one until we get my genticist blood work results back to see I could give myself shots every week.

I'm going to go, I'm pretty tired...I just wanted to fill you all in!


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hi gwen -

effexor is an SSRI (so you were very close!) which is short for "selective seretonin reuptake inhibitor". many on the board have done well on one of the SSRIs at one time or another (although of course we're all different so some haven't.) there have been a number of discussions re: various SSRIs too so you may want to do a search on the topic (or on effexor alone). the search button is at the upper righthand corner of the screen. here are a few of the threads though:




good luck with the new med. in general the SSRIs take a bit of time to get into your system so you may have to use a bit of patience, but some have found the results well worth the wait.


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