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Dorms Problems!!!


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Hi Everybody.

Just wanted to update on my "going away to school" situation. We were just up at John Carroll for the transfer picnic this week.

We had already made arrangements as far as the dorm situation: benches are already in the showers, I have my own A/C in my room, plus an adjusted thermostat in the lobby that they installed for me. The Disabilities office is well aware of my whole situation, as are many others we have worked with throughout this process.

Well, after the picnic, they did a tour for the transfers, and luckily their dorm of choice to stop at ended up being mine.. yay! :)

BUT .. as soon as I walked in it was SOOOO hot! I already had a headache that day, but the back of my head just started pounding really hard, got "hot flashes", I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest at a mile a minute !!! B) It just felt horrible. I felt like I was completely out of it :) I know you all can relate.

My dad and brother did notice that it was "hotter than normal room temperature" in there, but it didn't affect them. My mom and I were ready to fall over together -- it felt like a sauna!! My little brother described it as being "that feeling you get in the summer when you leave our (freezing) cold house and then walk outside and get a blast of summer heat - you have to catch your breath for a minute" - and that's how I felt.

Needless to say, I got frustrated because they were supposed to have fixed the problem of the excessive heat in that lobby :huh: (funny, because everyone who lives there says that the heat has ALWAYS been an issue .. ) I was getting nervous about not being able to function -- thinking "how am I possibly going to live here if I have to hibernate in my room?? " because I move in (to that building!!) in 2 days - on FRIDAY !!

Right when we got home, my parents e-mailed my advisor for Disabilities, as well as a really nice lady we've been working with for transfers. The very next morning, they both wrote back apologizing, and saying that the problem would be fixed by Friday but most likely earlier than that.

I really hope everything is fixed by then .. or else I'll be camping out at home the first few days! :lol:

Just wanted to vent a little bit ..

Wish me luck in that this all gets fixed for good ...

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All this college talk between you and Sunfish is making me so nostalgic! Add to it that I now live in Tallahassee, FL (FSU!)- I can smell the football in the air! Anyway, it sounds like you are on your way to having a good college experience. That first year is hard for everyone- especially, if you are living away from home AND have significant health issues. Take care of yourself and rest well, eat well, and take it easy on the partying. College life is not the healthiest of lifestyles! I wish you the best!


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hi chrissy -

gggrrrrrrrrr. sorry to hear about the extra hassles with school & the dorms. i'm only thankful that you were able to find out before showing up to move in, ya know. but yep...it still stinks. i had a similar situation with parking....i had my paperwork into disability services in june, met with the lady in july, etc... & when i contacted them in august re: what i actually had to do re: my parking & other things she knew who i was but said my paperwork had been lost....thus nothing had been put into place. i resent everything & had to follow up regularly & things still didn't get settled until monday...the day before i had to have a place to park. so...i feel your frustration!

it does sound at least that you have people on your side which is always a good thing...both in terms of your family & people at the school. i hope everything works out (and in the midst of our schedules we will have to meet one of these days, k?)

don't wear yourself out too much with the packing!

:huh: melissa

p.s. i deleted the duplicate post for you

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carmen -

it was so funny for me to hear that i'm part of your nostalgia at the moment b/c i was thinking myself that chrissy is making me nostalgic...in terms of moving into the dorms, etc....although i will admit that the whole orientation thing & whatnot is bringing back some of my own nostalgic memories as well from freshman year adventures.

chrissy -

one warning...something you hopefully won't encounter as you hopefully won't be passing out at all. when i would pass out during my frosh year...esp in the dorms (versus around a class, etc.) the first assumption was always that i was completely trashed. it never lasted long, but it was sadly ironic considering i hardly drank at all....

of course you're lightyears ahead of where i was b/c you have a diagnosis then (i had just gotten mine but it wasn't understood by anyone..including me...and it was being questioned b/c on my initial meds it got worse rather than better) and you're hooked up with disability services.

good luck...i'm right there with ya (though not in the dorms!)

:huh: melissa

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carmen- I do think that freshman year especially will be an adjustment, and I'm really not a partier -- I love to go out, just in the sense that I don't drink (thank goodness -can you imagine adding alcohol to the symptoms we already have?? lord, look out! .. B) besides the fact that when I am dizzy I am pretty sure I understand what it is like to be drunk .. lol )

I'm sure I will be posting more and more on the site because I will need all the support I can get to get through my first year!

thank you for the well wishes!

melissa!! - your post made me laugh! the whole part about passing out and people thinking you're drunk .. last summer (yes, its story time!! :) ) my best friend and I went dancing downtown (I was doing a lot better last yr than I am now) and it got so PACKED to where you couldn't move. Well, little by little I started getting lightheaded, and really hot .. and the last thing I remember is her saying "Chris?? Omigod someone help me grab her!" and just me kinda tipping riiight over! :huh:

Then all I know is that her and a couple other people literally held me up and carried me out to the car, but I do remember snippets of people asking if I was drunk, and opening my eyes to see the bouncer say something to my best friend about my being drunk, and then her firing back, "She's not DRUNK, she has a HEART PROBLEM, A**!" (Leave that to us fiery Italians :) ) And as I've been told, he then apologized and offered help .. :)

Also, I'm glad you understand .. what with your parking problem and all! It is so frustrating - sometimes it feels like they don't understand that we NEED these accomodations because we cannot function otherwise. So far, JCU has been pretty good, so I'm hoping this was just a little bump in the road ...

I would LOVE to meet you sometime! I do have my email address posted, PLEASE feel free to write ( I'm still getting used to the site so e-mail me first b/c I probably won't be able to find your address on here .. :lol: )

Good luck with school, hopefully we'll talk soon, keep me posted!

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Man, Chrissy! You are lucky you were able to catch that heat problem before move in day. I hope they have it all fixed up. Glad you were able to call them on it. I had all sorts of "bumps along the way" when i was going through my first semester of college...then i had to do it all over again when i transfered! Luckily, by senior year there were virtually no bugs. only took 4 years, right? :huh: There's nothing i can understand better than trying to get through the college system with hard-to-grasp medical problems.

Sounds like you have everything pretty well planned ahead of time though. You and sunfish are both making me nostalgic! This is my first August since before preschool where i don't have a class starting. It's sort of a crazy feeling! Anyway, i enjoyed reading your story...keep them coming!


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Hi all!

Just wanted to wish you all luck and thank you for sharing the posts. I've been feeling a bit down as my friends are leaving for another year of college or venturing out into the working world :P:( -- and I'm still here very obviously not ready for either. :(:( I had hoped so deperately to be able to handle even one college course by now, but apparently it's not my time yet. :unsure:

Anyhow, your cheery posts and humour concerning the transitions really helped me feel like I was actually there. :) I've enjoyed a number of smiles reading through the conversations, so thank you. Do continue to keep us posted on how things go -- you have at least one reader eagerly awaiting Update #2! :):)


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