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IV Port vs Central Line


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@MikeO - yes, a central line stays in only for about 6 weeks, and is more geared towards temporary IV medications. A PICC line is like a central line that gets threaded into the heart via the elbow, and can be used for several months. A port is an implanted device that can stay in for 5 years and can be used daily, weekly or monthly. Many people here that get IV fluids for their POTS simply go to an infusion center, ambulatory care center, urgent care center etc and with a prescription can get an infusion with a regular needlestick in the arm that then gets removed when they are ready to leave. 

I have a port, since I am in need of IV fluids several times a week in order to stay upright and conscious. But i used to get them as an outpatient, just needed them so often that it was no longer realistic to go somewhere several times a week. There are risks with infusions, the access being the main one. PICClines and central lines of course have a high risk of infection, so do ports, as well as blood clots. Many specialists do not like to use IV fluids unless as emergency treatment for a flare. 

i used to have to be admitted every 6 weeks for 24 hour fluids with severe POTS flare. 

I realize I am answering much more here than you asked, so I apologize. Just thought it might be helpful!

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