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Lyme diease


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I know this is not a lyme diease forum but my mother told me about a website I thought might interest many of you. After reading it I'm actually going to push my doctor to give me a more extensive lyme test.


I had IGG/M AB screening for Lyme it came back negative. Now I guess the most accurate one is QRIB-b. Anyone familiar with this?

Has anyone had one negative lyme test than another kind and it became positive?


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I have posted many times about Lyme Disease,,,,

My story is a long one, but basically I went 4 years undiagnosed with Lyme... B.c of this I now have all these neuro problems.

You do not need a positive test to have Lyme disease. Actually the people that have had Lyme the longest have the hardest time getting a positive test b/c the body eventually stops making any antibodies to the disease.

I am still on abx to this day ) been in treatment for 7 years now) without abx treatment I slip backwards.... Now the Lyme has caused damage to my automomic nervous system which is making it even harder to treat with the high enough doses of abx....

I have truly been through heck with this disease ..I was beridden for 2 years...

abx have saved my life but unfortunately it has left all this damage behind...

Dr Grubb is hopeful that as I continue Lyme treatment that some of my autonomic problems will clear up.

I know this is not a Lyme forum. So If anyoe would like to email me I would be happy to share any info I have.

All I can say is that having both Lyme and dysautonomia... I would take the dysautonomia any day over the Lyme.... I suffered beyond words before treatment.....

Not that I am making Light of dysautonomia... please do not take that the wrong way.

Anyway, I guess I am typing this in hopes that if some of you have Lyme disease, or have been told that you do not have "enough" positive bands for it to be positive that you will seek out a Lyme forum and a Lyme literate Dr.....

Anyway please feel free to e mail me anytime :)

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Oh I forgot to add.. I have had Lyme tests all over the scale from negative to high positive..... It depends on where my immune system is at the time...

Although testing is not the most significant factor in telling whether you have Lyme.... the more soecialized and sensitive tests are better to have.

Also it is important to get tested for coinfections as well.

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