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Sweat Test - starting to feel scared


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I know how pathetic i sound, and i know i should be strong - anyway right now i am really not looking forward to this test.

I have been told I shall not be covered in Iodine (thank goodness, they still use iodine in some testing in teh UK, and that involves waiting for your top layer of skin to remove before you return to a normal colour) I am to be covered in bright pink powder (lucky for me i like pink) which turns purple.

I know i sound like such a baby, but i don't cope well with heat and this week i have finally started to feel better, i'm just scared this is going to put me back again.

Anyway I have to keep my head up high and imagine I am having a tanning treatment i guess.

I have tried to reach them today to ask one final question, but no joy - can i use my usual products before going, i'm guessing i can't use my creams, dedorant or perfumes?? no-one has told me.

Sorry for ranting, just needed to get this out of my system!

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What kind of sweat test are you having? I had one that only involved 3 small probes stuck onto my skin -one on each foot and one on my arm- it sent a mild electric shock through my body and measured it in a fluid filled bubble attached to the probes. I wore whatever I wanted and had no powders or dyes put on me. It was completely painless and I only had to lay still for a little while.

Maybe you're having something completely different.

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There are two kinds of sweat tests. My wife has went thru the one Denabob describes and the one that Louby is going to have. It is not a big deal. Hardest part for my wife was not being able to get up and move for that period of time. They basically cover you in the powder, put you under heat lamps and wait for you to sweat while they monitor your body temperature. It is a test of the autonomic nervous system's response to controlling body temperature. The purple takes a bit to get off, but it isn't horrible.

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I had the Sweat Test at the Mayo Clinic twice. There you are covered with the wonderful powder that turns color in places where you sweat. There, they slide you into a box (kinda like an incubator) after you have been powdered like a turkey. Then you roast until your temperature reaches a certain point. Then they take you out and take pictures of you that they then send to the doctor via computer. Then you take a shower and try to get off all the powder. It probably took 2 days to get everything off. Then when you see Dr. Low, he has the pictures in front of him. If you have had it done before, he can compare.

When I first went into the sweat box, it felt like I was on vacation at the beach. After a while, I felt like I had heat exhaustion--just like you feel when you have been out in the sun too long. The technicians give you time to rest and cool down before you leave the lab. The test is fatiguing. Drink alot after you have the test and before (provided you don't have to use the bathroom during the test). You can always recognize others at the Mayo who have also had the sweat test.

Another test that may get confused with the Sweat test is the Qsart.

I don't do well in heat either and have been known to faint. However, all went well and I hope and pray that you do as well. Just keep an open mind--imagine yourself on a beach and getting a tan. Think pleasant thoughts!!!!

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Louby, when is your test? (What time of day, I'll do the math for my time zone) -- I'll make a note to keep you in my thoughts during your procedure. I'll picture you on a sunny day by the ocean. With the warm sun glowing down on you and the smell of salt and surf in the air all around.

The feeling of groundlessness as we venture off to new adventures is indeed one of the biggest challanges we all face. Keep in mind that you are in control. You can tell them STOP at any time -- knowing that you can say NO sometimes helps us get through the discomfort ... and we can hold out until it is over.

I think you are very brave. Louby ... our pioneer in pink!

Warm hugs to you dear.


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Hi Everyone,

I never managed to check the forum boards at the weekend so only just got your messages today.

It's all done, and it was not as bad as I had thought. The clinical scientist who did the test was adorable, she was so kind and very respectful of what I may or may not feel comfortable with. She took my boyfriends numbers, just in case she needed to call him as he had to be upstairs whilst I went for the test. She also kept telling me that I should think of this as an unusual type of beauty treatment, and kept reassuring me that this powder was "new and improved" and could easily come of the skin (which most of it did, apart from in my forearms - after a soak last night it is all gone!)

So at this particular hospital, you walked into a room that was about the size of a small steam room, and the heat was at 30.0c - it was really toasty, but quite nice. She was sweating practically from the moment we walked in. So I striped to my undies and laid on a bed, she then popped back and wrapped me up like a chicken, in blankets and tin foil, then every 10 minutes she came back in to make sure I was ok. 45-50 minutes later I was starting to sweat, so I was unwrapped and powder dribbled on me, turns out it went red not purple!

Palpitations, and distant feeling was not too pleasant, but I felt quite safe with her.

I have learnt that I sweat on my forearms, inside legs and back - not much elsewhere - I felt terrible afterwards, but after a nice class of diet coke and several pints of water, and felt much recovered. The test was exactly the same as what has been happening to me, most nights - no wonder I wake up so tried! It should also go to further building up a picture of what is going on in this pots body!

thanks for all writing to me, it was nice to hear this morning as I'm back in my office. Now I just have the big ones to look forward to, where I have to come of my meds... still I have two weeks from yesterday until those.

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