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passing out on the potty..


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hey.. I was just wondering.. is it normal for a potsy person to pass out while having a BM.. weather it be due to constipation or diarrhea??

I more often then not have passed out and gotten very sick and potsy feeling while being on the pot...sorry i dont mean to be gross or anyhting..but do others suffer from this?

Is this a normal part of pots??

also, do you guys have problems with urinary and bowl control/incontitnence? I have tried to address this subject several times with the medical "people" but am brushed off..and not taken seriously..

HMMMMM????? :P

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are you reading my mind? or rather what i am typing? i JUST wrote a bit about the dizzies, etc. while going to the bathroom (or rather trying to go to the bathroom :P ) under the coughing thread, so you might want to take a look there...


while this CAN be common for those with POTS/autonomic problems, nina aptly pointed out that it can happen to anyone so isn't necessarily indicative of such...

in regard to other issues of bathroom fun, i generally have super slow GI motility so run on the slow side of things in that realm and am on meds as such...otherwise i am not able to go enough on my own...and this, contradictorily (is that a word??) enough, is despite the fact that i have ulcerative colitis, which usually causes the opposite. mine is pretty localized though to the lower realm so when it flares up i can actually be constipated & have diarrhea at the same time. fun fun fun. with the UC i have had issues of having to run to the bathroom ASAP to avoid trouble, but otherwise haven't had issues with incontinence.

regarding urinary issues, i have a neurogenic bladder on the urinary retention side of things. in other words i don't feel the need to empty normally nor am i able to do so normally on my own. thus i have to catheterize myself several times a day. since being on mestinon i actually feel the need to go a bit more often but still can't do so on my own, so it's not really of much help...

i have had a few occasions where i have lost control of my bladder upon blacking out but it isn't a regular occurance for me (and hasn't happened since i've had the urinary retention issues).

for the most part my body tends to the slow motion side of things....


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as mentioned in other threads, any straining, including to have a bm, can provoke a vagal syncope episode... this happens often in POTS and other dysautonomia patients.


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wow.. ok..thanks for the input..

to bladder problems..what I notice is..I have to pee alot..and it often feels like I have a UTI, I always have that feeling of having to pee, even after peeing.. I have been checked for UTI's and such and I dont have one..

also I do have aproblem with urinanry incontince too... (GROSS!)

Just chalk it up to a pots thing... my my the :P lovely world of pots..

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Guest Julia59

I am very careful when going----#2. I notice the warning signs and follow accordingly-so far, so good. I too run on the slow side of things like Melissa.

I have been starting to have some issues with #1---meaning I usually have to push on my bladder a bit to see if I have to go becuase I don't feel it all that well unless I have to go bad.

Last week after my little surgical procedue to implant the cardiac loop recorder Dr. Grubb told me I could go ahead and get dressed and sit in the recovery for a minute. The nurse came out and told me I was free to go.

I got off the bed and started walking out to meet with my son and his girlfriend, and they were sitting with Dr. Grubb. The next thing I know---I felt a gush. I thought I started my period----well it turned out I went #1 in my pants. Lucky for me the small pad I had on prepared for my period did the job.

This has all been fairly recent for me, and I have not brought it up to Dr. Grubb or my PCP. I don't see Dr. Grubb until Oct. I don't know if this is normal, but I have periods where it's not as bad---it's seems to swing with the severity of my symptoms. This summer has been the worst for me symptoms wise since I crashed in 2000.

I'm just plain tired of doctors---and most don't take any of this seriously. Frankly it's a lot of work getting my medical care coordinated---as I still need to find a good neurologist. The Nurse practioner in Dr. Grubb's office was supposed to call me back as I called at least 3 times. If she doesn't call me soon---I will go there and sit until I can see her. It looks like i'll have to make an appointment----because the old hyper-adrengic spells are coming back----that is BAD news for me-----it's not a good sign.

We must be careful when on the potty---------------------------- :P .

Julie :0)

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there is a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis that i believe can cause symptoms similar to what you're describing...pain & constant feeling of having to go...

i don't personally know much about it but here's a link:


i'm also pretty certain that some on the board have this diagnosis, although it's not directly related to dysautonomias, so others may be able to give you more first-hand info...

generally testing for it includes a cystoscopy, which i have had b/c of my bladder problems...it's not fun but not bad in the realm of medical procedures either...

a urologist would be the doc to see...


i know that your plate is more than full, but you probably should bring this up to a doc...and you'll eventually probably end up at a urologist. the reason it really can matter is that if you're not emptying your bladder all the way you can end up with UTIs and/or actual damage to your bladder &/or kidney. i didn't notice my symptoms until i couldn't go to the bathroom AT ALL on my own so it had been going on for awhile by that time. luckily i avoided kidney damage but my bladder was stretched out to the danger-point. i'm not saying it's an emergency & october is probably fine, but as tempting as it is i wouldn't put it off too long as i would hate for it to become a bigger &/or emergent problem. sorry if i'm adding something else to your worry box!


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thanks for the info melissa..I have a urologist..but he is in need of much improvements! ;) SO I may search for another one..

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My husband has NCS and he has struggled greatly with bladder and fecal incontinence and yes, it is very humiliating. In fact, this had the potential to be the straw that broke the camel's back in his situation - everthing else thrown at him with this condition he has handled except this. He saw a urologist that agreed that his problems were probably related to NCS (neurogenic bladder). If you read my previous posts you will see I explain it as his body just flushing whatever he has in it at the time.

The urologist prescribed Detrol LA (a once a day version of the medication for urinary incontinence) and was hopeful that it would help and also hopeful that it would help with the fecal incontinence too. IT HAS WORKED WONDERFULLY! We did try and back down to a lower dose of the medication (Detrol 1mg) but that did not hold off the episodes. He has been taking this for about 6 weeks now and it has been a lifesaver. The urologist said he was hoping to buy him about 20 minutes to be able to hold off an incident and that seems to be what happens. His body still wants to flush everything (he gets a drenching sweat too) but he is able to easily control things until he can find a facility. When I read the Detrol detailed information (I use www.medscape.com and look it up under drug info) it does say that it works with neurogenic bladder (it is a smooth muscle anti-spasmotic). He does experience the dry moutn side effect but that just makes him drink more which is a good thing for NCS anyway.

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