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I found a Jewel!

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Hi everyone,

I was scheduled to see a new endo yesterday because my thyroid has felt large for quite a while now. My husband and I weren't expecting much after our last 5 disappointments with doctors. But low and behold we found a jewel of a doc!

She walked in and I told her that I had POTS. She said she was very familiar with it, but not an expert in it. I'd had another endo think he knew POTS, but it was actually Potts Disease so I corrected her and told her it wasn't Potts disease but P-O-T-S and she said "Yes I know" She explained how POTS crosses over with endo things so she had to be familiar with it. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed with relief!!!

Anyway, she ran many of the adrenal tests I've been trying to get for over a year now, and said my thyroid is defineately enlarged. She pulled up the CT scan I had a few weeks ago in the hospital and looked at my adrenals. No tumors, but she couldn't be sure that they weren't shrinking. She is suspecting thyroid autoimmune disease, but won't know for sure until the blood work and ultrasound is done. She also wants to rule out all the adrenal possibilities.

I gave her lots of things I printed from POTS place and she was glad to take them. We told her about our appointment with Grubb in January and she said she really wants to hear all about the appointment when we get back.

What a surprise this was!!!! We finally put our expectations down and she surprised us by surpassing anything we could have imagined.

Wanted to share my good fortune and news about the doc. If anyone has thyroid autoimmune I'd like to hear about that too. The ultrasound will rule out any growths and cancer. My sister had thyroid cancer so we have to check it out.



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Sometimes...I think that is how the world works for me too...when I lower my expectations, I am suddenly beautifully suprised! B)

My POTS doctor one time actually told me to lower my expectations and save my emotional energy! He told me, that way, if I got something good out of the appt. I would be pleasantly surprised, and if not, I didn't waste my precious energy on a doctor who dismisses me.

I have had a series of really beautiful medical experiences lately, that I would like to share, but just haven't had the energy. I always like to keep up with others more than post new topics! And, I'm so busy trying to catch up with posts right now! :)

I am really grateful you found a gem of a doc. Okay, I'm gonna get edited for this, but hey, maybe it helps that you had a woman doc!? Sorry, sexist comment. Although, I have seen several male docs this month who have treated me with amazing kindness and respect!

It sounds like you are beginning to peel away some layers and find out some answers...always a good thing!

Later alligator! I slept NOT AT ALL last night, and I think I may just qualify as a SOUR PUSS today! So, off to take a nap. Sorry, I know, no napping during the day and blah de blah, but I CANNOT make it through the day without a nap...never have been able to since POTS hit!

Thank you for sharing your good doc experience....


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that's real good news, about this endo! So they DO excist. All we have to do is just FIND them B) .

This week I'm going to talk to my PCP (who's my only treating doc at this moment) to refer me to start seeing an endocrinologist again. I think they're the ones that can give us some more information. I feel like having to do more tests on adrenals, electrolytes etc. I hope my doc will succeed in finding one who knows about POTS AND is willing to help me.

Your story helped me Roselover. It shows there ARE caring docs!

Have a nice weekend,


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I had to laugh for a moment because I always go to a new doctor expecting they will be of no benefit to me--and then if they are, I feel like I just got a present! :) Perhaps not the healthiest way to approach it, but it works for me B)

So happy to hear that you got a present too :) Makes it feel like your birthday, doesn't it??? ;)Nina

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