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I've never heard of Klonopin being used for this purpose, but that doesn't mean it won't work. I have taken it for many years as needed for panic attacks and generalized anxiety. I find that it works very well for me, but I also haven't felt a total dependency on it. And that's one of the drawbacks of this drug: potential addiction. I personally feel if you need it to function and get through anxious periods, then you aren't really addicted to it. If you abuse it -- i.e., take too much or try to get a high from it by combining it with other drugs -- well, that's another issue.

But in general, I have found Klonopin to be a lifesaver. I take a very small dose (0.25 mg 1 or 2 times a day). I experienced fatigue when I first started it, but it goes away as you get more used to the drug being in your system. It usually lasts for 8 hours, so you don't have to take it as often as Xanax or Valium.

I do not find that it helps my POTS much, FYI -- it does help the hyperadrenergic rushes associated with it a tiny bit. I had pre-existing panic disorder, so I was already on it when POTS hit.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I have been on a low doese of xanax for years now, and it works wonders for me with my nervous systme and helping me function.

I know Klonopin is a longer acting xanax..so it might do wonders for you.

It takes a week or so for your body to get used to it and you can feel fatigued while it is adjusting, but after that week, I felt SO much better I have not been without ir for years now.

I know there was a discussion on here about antianxiety meds last year some time......

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If you read the PDR you know most of the stuff, ie. addictive potential, however there are many people on this forum that have said they use it and it helps them a great deal. I use valium for an inner ear disorder, but find it does help with over stimulation. I have not developed a tolerance or had to raise the dose in 9 years now. It's just different for everyone, however I don't think I've seen any bad reports on it. I took it once a very long time ago when I was having a problem with seizures due to a drug reaction and didn't have any problems stopping it. But I didn't take it for a really extended period of time either. It won't hurt to try it, just start at a lower dose than a normal person would as we all do with everything.

Personally I believe that I am willing to try anything that will improve my life even a little, regardless of stigmas, or anything else. My life is too sucky already to sweat stuff like that. Good luck, morgan

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