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Mini seated exercise bike - wanted to share this!

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I've had a couple of mini pedallers that I use on the couch during the daytime, but they have generally been poor quality and not lasted long. 

I recently found this Mini-exerciser called Gym mate Magnetique that works on both arms and legs as well as the cardio-vascular system.  It could also be used lying down, placed against a wall. It can be found on-line. 

I was a very active person prior to POTS & hate how it has forced me into an involuntarily very sedentary life, but this mini bike is allowing me to access some of the benefits of exercise that are otherwise only available to upright people, & I wanted to share that there is such a product. 

Many of us enthusiastically try exercise then abandon it when the promised improvements in blood volume & orthostatic tolerance are not delivered, but I believe it is worth continuing to exercise sitting or supine for the other benefits such as reduced risk of blood clots,  maintained muscle tone in legs (for when that cure does come!), improved cholesterol, inflammatory markers, mood & sleep etc. 

I just did half an hour and my usually freezing cold, veinless, alabaster hands became warm, pink and boasted plump juicy veins like a healthy person's hand - for a short time anyway!

B x

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Loving it so far! I am doing about an hour a day whilst watching TV. It comes with a year's warranty from amazon.

I have used a proper recumbent bike in the garage since becoming ill but this is a lot more comfortable & accessible particularly in cold weather and allows me to be with my family at the same time. 

Cycling hasn't helped me stand any but exercise has independent benefits such as maintaining muscle tone (My steel buns are wasted in a wheelchair😉) & reducing the risk of blood clots - important in sedentary people. 

I would highly recommend one, they come in different colours and wasn't too hard for my husband to put the pedals on. I would stay away from the cheaper ones though as they don't last long. 

B x

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I am waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can use the pool. Another month or so and I will. Swim on my back for an hour a day. 

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