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Getting a scooter soon!

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hello folks! :angry:

I thought that i would share good news with you for a change...

I was reallt bad oof yesterday (BOO!) and I went to the doctor, and we had a long chat about POTS and how it is affecting me and my quality of life..

and low and behold.. she is going to send in the paper work for me to get a scooter.. I am so excited!!!! Maybe now i can go to walmart and not blackout in the check out isle! or at the deli counter!!!!!!!!! B)

it will be about 2 weeks. I cant wait!

SMiling from ear to ear :lol:

dizzygirl ;)

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congrats on the decision, the cooperative doctor, and the less-eventful shopping trips to come!

i know for me using provided assists at a few stores has made a HUGE difference.


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