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skin numbness on leg

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I've had an incredibly stressful week with little good sleep -- mostly due to problems at work with my director, who is a very difficult person! A few issues finally came to a head this week. :D

So, I am not surprised that my symptoms have flared again this time. But, I have one symptom I don't remember ever having before--I noticed that a patch of my right leg right above my ankle is numb--or rather the skin is--if that makes sense. I am merely curious if anyone else has had this symptom. I am certain it is just one of the constellation of POTS symptoms, but it is a bit disconcerting. Also my leg and foot just feel ever so slightly like they are "asleep".

Well, I am not going back to work until Aug 3--we are leaving for Colorado on Monday and I am hoping for a relaxing, COOL week in the mountains with family and friends. I've got my re-hydration salts packed.


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Yeah, mostly in leg areas and sometimes my ear canal! But different places at different times.

But, I have been told it is all in my head... It is a menopausal thing... It is from anxiety... So, I guess I have just imagined it. Oh just forget I said anything! (PHHHTTT!)

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do you think it could be related to anything leftover from the Lyme? that would be my first concern.

otherwise, i don't know. i struggle a lot with something similar but not quite like you are describing on my right leg. it was the worst after surgery. seemed to be aggravated by pressure on that area and it would lose sensation. so we suspected it might be a peripheral nerve that was irritated or aggravated...

those are my only possible theories!

i hope you are having a good trip! i can't wait to hear how it was!


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Hmmm ... I would get a nerve conduction study to be sure it's not something fixable, and to see if you actually are numb there. I have a similar problem on the same part of my right leg, except it feels like the hair on my leg is standing up -- but it's not. I also feel as though I am not as sensitive to touch as I used to be. There have been times when something is on my foot or touching my leg and I don't feel it. Very strange, but I passed all the nerve tests.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. This symptom has abated--of course. Fortunately. I felt great for most of our visit to Colorado--in fact felt the best I have felt for awhile on a few of the days we were there, despite being at 7,000 ft above sea level. Oddly, I started to feel off again the last day and am still in a bit of a POTS rut. But not with any symptoms I haven't had previously! Katherine

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Hi Katherine,

I'm a little slow in posting on this topic, but I too have just what you described. I also get it on my hands, have had it occaisionally on my lips and my tongue. I've had an MRI and nerve conduction study and the Neurologisit said I should have it done again in 6 mos to check if there are any changes but she dosen't really know what it is.

Just so you know you're not alone.


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Guest Mary from OH


Sorry, as usual I'm late to the plate....

MAJOR family problems. I have the EXACT same problem you describe except that it's my left thigh (outer side). It's been going on for several years. I've had a nerve conduction study done and been told (I forget the medical term...sorry too stressed out) that it's benign (even though I also have loss of muscle tone too!). Basically they explained that the "fat" from my belly is pressing on a nerve at my hip causing it to make my leg numb. I asked so why isn't the other side numb?? Plus, I'm not really THAT fat!!! Anyhow... That was the explanation I was given, essentially, a pinched nerve due to fat.

It's annoying and troublesome. I cut myself shaving all the time AND when I have to give myself injections for my migraines on that side, I bruise like CRAZY!! I'm glad yours went away and I hope it NEVER comes back!

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