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Hyperadrenergic POTS - sitting upright and temperature intolerance


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My hyperadrenergic POTS son is slowly getting his issues under a little bit of control with pepcid and propranalol (plus POTS diet/exercise).  But he still cant really leave the house because he is uncomfortable in rooms above 62 degrees and really cant sit upright for any length of time.  Does anyone have any great ideas on how to tolerate a warmer room?  And meds that are working for that specifically?  Or strategies for sitting at a table a restaurant or going to a meeting?  At home, he is fine in a recliner chair (with legs up) but to have the ability to really engage outside the house we have to figure out a way for him to be upright.  Sitting in a wheelchair would not work - he would only feel worse.

Ideas for navigating how to sit at a restaurant or in a meeting for those who cant sit upright?  General advice for ways to sit outside the house with legs down vs up?  Or things that help control when you are forced to sit with legs down?

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Also maybe compression stockings to simulate having his feet elevated. Cooling garments are a good idea too. Maybe a power chair that can adjust to a reclining position. Constant fidgeting helps me to sit but at this time I don't have dizziness so I can stand if needed. I only lay down at home and leave my house for 4-8 hours a day for work. 

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You can recline wheelchairs a long way, and can have leg supports which should work. My chair reclines more than the front seat in my car, and really can help the length of time I can be up. It is difficult pushing my chair when really reclining but there are plenty of options that have almost fully reclined positions - these are generally for those who cannot use the wheelchair themselves and must be pushed.

It might be worth seeing if you can look at the options (local rehab centres, medical care homes, handicapped schools) who may well be willing to point you the right way.

Most supply shops appear to be sales focused and only can help you once you know what you want. In my experience the selection offered is based on what purchase price you can afford, not what is best value.

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