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bilirubin in urine

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I have been haivng a great deal of stomach pain, nausea, vomitting, and diarrhea, this particular round has lasted for about 2 weeks, the pain is horrible... anyways... i went to the doc today, and she tested my urine.. and it showed that there are high levels of bilirubin in my urine. She said that bilirubin is bile from the gallbladder... I am going to have an ultrasound of my gallbladder first thing in the morning.

I am just curious if any of you have experienced bilirubin .... or gallbladder problems...

I was thinking that my POTS was affecting my digestive and urinary system, as I have had problems for years now... with no explainnation...

allright, hopefully all goes well tomorrow,


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hi,sorry your having problems.

i had high builirubin about a year ago and was in awful lot of pain.The doctor thought i had gallstones but nothing showed up on an ultrasound.I still suffer with the pain but it has moved around my rib area now.sorry im not much help.hope all goes well tommorrow.

take care

h x

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hi dizzygirl,

me and my mum were just discussing this today, my mum had her gallbladder removed about six years ago and now she has high levels of billirubin which she has also been told are related to bile and gallbladder, she's going for a liver scan next month but they think that my mum, me and my aunty all have something called gilberts syndrome, which causes your urine to be a lovely flourescent green colour!! :unsure: don't know much else about it sorry, i'll ask my mum and post back tomorrow - she's a walking medical dictionary on it!

hope your tummy feels better.

becky x x x

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Hi Linda,

sorry you're in pain.

I've had a high blood bilirubin count with soreness on the right side for some time. I recall only 2 blood tests in the last few years...and there have been many..that were in normal range. Once urobiliogen was positive in the urine within this time period. With all else going on, nobody felt it was significant enough to follow up. But then my levels were not as high as they would have been in acute disease (I was told that serum bilirubin has to be grossly out of range- like over 8 times the upper value---before it's considered significant) I imagine your serum bilirubin is pretty high to be showing also in urine. Happy to hear that your doctor is getting testing moving for you. Hoping to hear good news, keep us posted!


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thanks guys!

I always know that I can count on you guys...

I am curious to see what the ultrasound shows, I had one done about a month ago and they said that it was allright.

i will let you know what what the ultra sound shows when i get the results..

thanks again!

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hi linda -

i don't think (although i'm not sure & just don't have it in me right now to go search through my records) that i've ever had issues with bilirubin, but i definitely have had issues with my gallbladder. i had mine removed this past spring as it wasn't doing me much good & was causing problems to boot. and i know at least 2 others on the forum & 1 friend who isn't on the forum (but could be) have had theirs removed too, and there are likely more. you may want to do a search although i think a lot of the discussions have occurred within the context of other GI issues too. i just searched for gallbladder & came up with a good three pages but i'm sure some are more applicable than others.

personally i didn't have the "classic" gallbladder symptoms in terms of attacks but did have major issues keeping anything & everything down, even boosts/ensures & did have pain in what could be the right location. i didn't have gallstones though & my ultrasound only showed a lot of "sludge" which is a pretty vague finding. a normal ultrasound doesn't ensure a normal gallbladder though...the test that revealed my issues was a hydascan which, in short, measures the functioning of the gallbladder rather than just what is/isn't there. depending on who you talk to a normal ejection fraction is around 30%; mine was 8%. we knew it wasn't a guarantee but i was in pretty bad shape so i figured i didn't have a lot to loose. and out came my gallbladder. it was a rough ride but on the other end i'm glad i did it. it definitely didn't alleviate my GI issues but it alleviated some of them...i still have gastroparesis & overall slow motility but a bit after the surgery i could at least tolerate boosts/ensures rather than only clear fluids. and i no longer had the sharp stabbing pains. i was still getting sick every few days until we figured out how to deal with the gastroparesis, but it was a step in the right direction.

sorry to have sort of jumped ahead with the gallbladder removal thing....primarily i just wanted to bring up the fact that the ultrasound is a starting point but not the only test out there. and in terms of a possible relationship with autonomic issues, the hydascan is actually the one more likely to show a problem.

good luck & let us know how things proceed,


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Hi Dizzygirl,

I hope you got on OK with your ultrasound and some suggestions have been made to help you.

Becky, I also have high bilirubin levels and was also told I have Gilberts Syndrome, but apparently it is very common and is only usually noticed during routine testing. I was told that it is nothing to worry about but that it's worth mentioning when going for any relevant tests so that people are aware to expect an odd result!

I've never thought before that there may be some connections with this and our other problems. An interesting thought?

Take care,


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