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has anyone gone to a chiropractor


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hello , jonathan has had a bad few weeks . for the last 10 days his neck and lower back have been sore along with his normal problems. i took him to our family doctor and she said it was growning pain ,but if it didn't get better to come back and see her . (her famous last words. )anyways i took him to the chiropractor today and found out that his 1&2 vertebra where pushed to the left . this would cause pulling to the right of his neck . his left leg was half inch out and many other things as well where out of alignment .this doctor was quite surprised at how bad he was . i was wonder if anyone else has gone to a chiropractor and if it helped .



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hello again , i should let you know that i had very rough pregnancy with him . i had a uterus that was smaller on my left side and a septum in the middle of it . he grew on the small side . the doctor told me if i ever carried a child on that side the baby would not make past 5 or 6 months along , but he did . he was also breech so his head was in my ribs the last 4 months of my pregnancy . he has had health problems for the day he was born. i just though i should give a history on my pregnancy .

thanks again


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Hi Lisa,

My chiropractor has been my saving grace. When my treating Neurologist said, I really don't know enough about Potts to treat you," my Chiropractor went and researched, talked to other Chiropractors and Neurologists and has continued to learn as much as he can to help me with the POTTS.

I suffer from chronic neck and back pain and the Chiropractor has worked wonders for me. Before him I was getting nerve blocks which were difficult and painful. Of course the help and support with the POTTS has truly been a GOD send. He is not an MD and cannot prescribe but, he has been able to help me better understand what is happing to me. Probably what has been most valuable is been knowing there is someone in my court who understands. He is able to use his craft and knowledge to give me a great deal of relief.

You must be very careful when choosing a Chiropractor. As with all DR's there are good and bad. A good Chiropractor should be able to treat you in a set amount of time. Having to return once or twice a week without an end in sight is not a good sign. I also, had a near disastrous experience with a Chiropractor who wanted to adjust my back. Having had back surgery, adjustments are absolutely contraindicated. This guy never read my chart, lucky for me I new better and got out of there.

Last December my 16yr old son was having horrible pain in his right foot. I took him to my Chiropractor who found one foot shorter than the other due to a twisted pelvis. He straightened it out then and there. My son walked out pain free. We had one follow up and he has been pain free ever since. Had we gone to the pediatrician we would have been referred to an orthopedist and probably x-rays and who knows what else before he would have found relief.

I can highly recommend the care of a good chiropractor, but please be careful in your choice. My Chiropractor is here in Queens NY if you are interested I would be happy to post his name and address.

Good luck,


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I used to go to a chiropractor and found that it really helped me. I first went for back pain (both lower and upper). I had almost no range of motion in my neck. My neck is much better now and the pain is pretty much gone :)

Good words of wisdom about picking a chiro. I also saw some bad ones that I did not return to. The last one I saw was great, everytime I showed improvement and felt better I would get scheduled to come in less and less. It didn't take long before my appointments were monthly. I am always wary of the doctor who says 'we need to see you 3 times a week for a minimum of a year'.

good luck to you!


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Guest Julia

I went to one back in 1996/1997 and it was great. I went for my pelvis/coccyx area. When my son was born in 1981, they had to use forceps to get him out. He was only 7 pounds, but I think his head weighed 5---LOL. Now he's 6ft. 2in.---must have grown into that head. I knew dogs did that---but humans---LOL

Anyway, something snapped and I couldn't sit, stand ---nothing. It only took about two weeks to heal, but it has never been the same since. The chiropractor helped me a lot.

I would never consider going to one for my neck---too dangerous for me---as I have spinal compression and have already had one surgery and may need another. Not an area to mess with.

I wish I could go back to the chiropractor, but my husbands insurance doesn't cover it. My insurance through my employer covered the visits back then. I lost my job with the POTS---so I no longer have that insurance.

Julie :0)

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