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Need Info On Private Cardiologists

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Hi all im from the UK, the WEST MIDLANDS Area.

Im in need of some private cardiologists so i can have my POTS tests and any other related tests done. I refuse to go under the NHS due to health scares ect, i want to go private.

Ive had my problem for 3 years and ive been on no meds, although i was given BETA BLOCKERS, but never took them.

Id like someone to supply telephone numbers and/or websites.


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We have 3 listings on our DINET site, under Physician's...clearly, at least two are NHS physicians.



Cheltenham Syncope Clinic


Sandford Road




GL53 7AN

01242 246526

Prof. Christopher J. Mathias


Neurovascular Medicine Unit (Pickering Unit)

St. Mary's Hospital/Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Praed Street

London W1 1NY


Dr. Karen A. McLeod

Consultant in Pediatric Cardiology

Department of Cardiology

Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Yorkhill NHS Trust

Glasgow G3 8SI




We have a number of UK members, so perhaps they'll have more to add to this list, although I know a few are seeing Dr. Mathias.


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another resource that may be of help for references is an organization called STARS that is based in the UK. while they appear to be somewhat more focused on types of dysautonomias that include syncope they don't limit themselves to that only. STARS stands for Syncope Trust And Reflux Anoxic Seizures....some of the naming is different but it is related. at quick glance i didn't see a list of physicians on the site but i have heard they are very helpful so you may want to contact them. the website is http://www.stars.org.uk/

good luck,


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