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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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Hi Everyone,

I have had irritable bowel syndromes for the last 19 years. Sorry to be graphic, but motions are very loose every day, and usually of semi-solid form. I have noticed that painkillers do slow down the process of elimination to what is probably more normal, but wondered if anyone had found anything else effective, as over the years I have failed to find anything that works.




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Guest GayleP

LOL, When I first read the title to this thread I thought it was about having IBS and using public transportation.

Anyhow, I find using Citrucel or a similar product helps loose stool. It's not just for constipation.

Also like Ernie said, finding out what foods trigger your IBS is important.

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IBS and ans problems go hand in hand. The autonomic system rules GI functions. I think you will find that it's a trial and error process to find the best treatment for you. For example, if I take pain killers or benzos, my guts completely shut down. If I eat certain foods, like cherries, or take certain meds, I can guarantee having the runs.


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