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What would U do?

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Well, I finally have a contract on my house. It's good because I need to sell for financial reasons but sad because I feel I'm being forced to sell and it's yet another thing I'm losing because of my health.

Anyhow, now I quickly have to find an apartment. I am limited since I can't drive and dont have family. I need to stay close to my church so that maybe it will be easier/convenient for people to help me out. I'm in a large metro area so the competition is tight (which is actually good for keeping all the prices comparable) but space is very limited especially for a 1 bedroom. The only complex I found, in the area I need to stay in has only two 1 bedrooms left. One on the THIRD floor (no elevator) and the other is a handicap apt. on the ground floor. The handicap apt is not as nice (has no linen closet, has a pedestal sink in the bathroom and therefor no bathroom cabinets and very little counter in the kitchen).

The complex has said I can move into the 3rd floor apt and then when a 1 bedroom becomes available on the ground floor they would let me have first grabs at it. They say they may have something opening up at the end of October.

I already had to put my deposit down because my house is closing in one month so I had to make a quick decision and since this is the only place with a 1 bedroom I grabbed it.

I was blacking out trying to get up to the third floor to look so I know it's going to be an issue. :unsure: I feel bad about taking a handicap apt though. I don't like the idea of taking a handicap apt when I'm not wheelchair bound because someone else may need that apt much more than I do. It's nice the Apt community will let me move into a ground floor when one becomes available but there are no guarantees as to when one will open (although I will make sure everything is put in writing before I sign the actual lease).

What would you guys do if you were in this situation? Would you take the ground floor handicap apt and possibly limit someone else with a greater need or would you take the 3rd floor and cope with it until a ground floor unit opened up?

As always, I appreciate your input!

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Just because you are not wheelchair bound does not make it unethical to take a handicap apt. You even admit to having trouble going up to see the place on the 3rd floor. Now imagine doing that with groceries on a POTSy day!

Not everyone who needs a handicap tag and space for their car is wheelchair bound either!

I've moved 11 times in my marriage of 14 years. (don't ask :unsure: ) It's a lot of work, aside from the emotional upheaval. But it's also a nice feeling to be starting fresh.

Can your church send over some high school kids on vacation to help you pack?

Wishing you happiness and serenity in your new home!


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I don't know how limited you are but in my case I would certainly take the handicap appartment. I use a wheelchair whenever I go out and I cannot climb stairs very much. I don't know how I could handle going to the 3rd floor for so many months.


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Same thought as roselover, take the handicap for now and get on the list for ground floor as soon as one opens. If you're passing out going up the stairs, sorry, but that equals disability. Sorry you had to sell your house. We did too right after we put 35 thousand into it in remodels. And didn't make a cent off it when we sold. :unsure: Hope you did better....morgan

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i am dealing with some similar issues at the moment & am actually leaving this evening to embark on an apartment search for the rest of the week. i have been greatly challenged by finding an apartment that has what i need to make it a feasible place for me to hang my hat. i know that for me personally i could never do the 3rd floor apartment. as i have been looking i too have been faced with the possibility of having to find a wheelchair accessible place b/c even though i don't use a chair at home, i need an apartment that is accessible to the degree that it doesn' t require many stairs to enter, get to laundry, etc. and yep, i've thus been thinking through the "but others need it more than i do" issue. i know that moving in and of itself is crazy hard and energy-zapping too, so honestly having to move again wouldn't be a viable issue for me; i've had several places offer me a two bedroom for cheap with the idea that i'd move into the one bedroom when available but there's no way i have the energy to expend on moving again, even if only down the hall. so...i guess what i've had to do & what i would encourage you to do is to really be honest with yourself about what is realistic for you health-wise. it's been tempting for me to lean in the "sure, i can manage that" direction especially b/c it would open up more options &/or save me money, but i've had to sort of sit myself down and face reality. it ends up that where i'm living does not have many options in regard to entirely accessible apartments (too many old buildings) so largely there are waiting lists for those, but here's the list of things that i know are musts for me to be able to give the living on my own long-term a shot. technically i live on my own now but my parents have had to be here so much since the first of the year that i can't honestly say i've been functioning on my own in terms of my apartment, etc.

for me, i must have:

-no more than a few steps to access the apartment (or RELIABLE elevators)

-laundry on the same floor as my apartment...ideally in the apartment but may not be able to find that without handing over an arm & a leg

-air conditioning

-covered parking (as i'll be in snow land & can't shovel snow)

there are other things that would be grand, but these are musts for me. and not easy to come by for any decent type of price. and then there's my darned cat that needs to be allowed to, which is sort of a health need as he's super-dependable for venting, crying, resting with me, etc...a very good listener, i've deemed him my best friend, therapist, & boyfriend for the time being all in one:-)

good luck with your decision. and congrats on the house sale. i can't imagine how tough the decision must have been but i'm glad that the process has at least gone rather smoothly for you. the apartment search and "criteria" for me has been tough b/c it's a concrete thing that is highlighting what i can't do, how i'm not a normal 25-yr-old, etc...but i know that getting in a better place will make things better & less problematic for me in the long run. i hope the same is true for you.


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Thanks everyone! I just got a call from the Apt complex and I am approved so all the paperwork has gone through. But...they do not have the handicap accessible apt available anymore; it was leased out the day before I toured the property.

So I will move into the third floor and not get out of the house much until a ground unit is available. It will work out okay, although it is a pain. Actually though, it's so hot right now that I'm not able to get out much. Maybe by the end of October or early Nov is will be under 80 and that will be better.

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