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Any of this sound familiar?

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I was reading the posts on chest pain...... I am having chest pain right now, sharp stabbing, my heart rate is up to 118 (not bad). I know whats coming, hmmm.

Thought it may be an interesting thing to share with you, Ill keep typing through the upcoming dreaded POTS attack. Let me know if anyone else goes through this.

BP 72/56 hr up to 122 with a pc here and there, sharp chest pain is easing off. Nausea ugh. Skin crawling up the back of my neck, cold but getting sweaty. Hands and feet cold. I can deal with this logically....

Cardo told me sharp chest pain is from drop in BP and the left ventricle pumps to compensate which can set off a spasm and cause the pain, HR also goes up to compensate. In POTS people the autonomic nervous system causes the drop in pressure and it is also responsible for over reacting to the drop releasing adrenalin.

So what do I know. The adrenalin is released into my blood. My body thinks its having a crisis (my mind is saying a lot of cuss words). All my blood is being shunted from vital areas thats why my hands and feet are cold. Blood is being shunted away from my kidneys and GI system.

Oooh the feeling of impending doom, I am going to die, dizzy, shaking, pale, sweating, I would run for a Klonopin but I can get out of the chair right now. (daughter brought me one). HR136 no pvcs, Did I mention nausea.

Just having an adrenalin rush with a dysfunctional autonomic nerous system to make it worse.

UGH stomach cramps, nausea, feel like Im going to pass out. HEADACHE. I got to get up and walk, nervous. Every doc who told me I have a psychological problem or menopause with anxiety can kiss my *** right now.!!

OK HR down to 112 bp 90/72 occaisional pvcs. Leg cramps. Headache, nausea ( omited til I had dry heaves) Calmer . Hot.

Whats happening to me now. The adrenalin is going out of my blood stream. Blood is returning to limbs , GI, Kidneys.

My feet are still numb, still nausea, (I just got back from the bathroom with diarrhea) I feel like I just ran a marathon, tired, sick, drained.

That was the past 55 minutes of my life.

Anyone else experience similar? Can you add to what is happening to our bodies?

Got to go to bed.

Hope you all feel well.


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Yep, Sounds familiar. I often go through spells like this multiple times every day but my heart rate tends to be in the 130-170 range when I'm like this.

I don't have any new knowledge to share with you but I can relate to how frustrating it is and how horrible it makes you feel!

I hope you were able to get some rest and are feeling better!

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yep...sorry to say that i've "been there, done that." i'm impressed that you were able to write things out to the degree you were in the midst of it. hope you're feeling better today....i always am so "crashed" after a spell of that sort.


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I admire you for being able to "talk" to us through your spell. Unfortunately it sounds like so many that I go through too. Did you have too good of a time last night? :lol::rolleyes: (remember our phone call the other day)-LOL

I am so sorry you had to go through that but you really did say everything that most of us feel while it was happening. I knew from the first moment I talked to you that you were such a strong person.

Call or email me when you can and I will look for you on IM when ever I get on there. Hang in there girl, you did a superb job!!!! ;)



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