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I took some phenylephrine recently and had an easier time standing and talking to people.

It is a decongestant found in OTC products. Has anyone had any experience with it?

It raises blood pressure, but in a weird way that could be dangerous. Here is wikipedia:

The primary side effect of phenylephrine is high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are typically advised to avoid products containing it. Because this medication is a sympathomimeticamine without beta-adrenergic activity, it does not increase contractility force and output of the cardiac muscle. It may increase blood pressure resulting in a slow heart rate through stimulation of vascular (likely carotid) baroreceptors. A common side effect during IV administration is reflex bradycardia.[16] 

I liked it. It was really easy for me to stand and talk yesterday. I am going to take more. I wonder if other people have tried it?


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