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Fludrocortisone(florinef) update on weird symptoms


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So my last post I had discussed weird psychological symptoms from fludrocortisone. They got so bad I called my doctors nurse line, which had no answer bc of the hurricanes etc. I decided to take a half the next day, and started having burning sensations(neurological) in my head, neck, and arms. So the following day I just didn't take it at all because I was so scared. I still had no reply from my doctor or his nurse so I called the local pharmacist and he said to absolutely not stop it like that because it is dangerous and I would have to continue taking half a few days, then a quarter a dew days etc. I now have shallow slow breathing, but I think it is from deconditioning and having to sit and not walk around while I deal with this medicine. This weird sensation like I'm on fire and someone is blowing cold air on the fire really freaks me out. I know it will go away once I am finally off the medicine but the sensation is kind of spreading to my chest (almost like that feeling when you get contrast for a CT and you feel the burn down your body). I don't know if all these symptoms are more dangerous than going off the medication abruptly would be. Obviously that is a question for my doctor if he ever gets back to me but I just wanted to share my concern. I really want off of this medication and I regret not reading into it before I started. I was just really excited to try something new to help everything else, now I'm just putting my body through more crap taking 10 steps back. Sorry to be so negative guys, but this stinks.

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These issues were neurological in origin, a hurricane would not cause my skin to feel like it is on fire. I am off of this medication and already feel better. There are still some lingering side effects from it, but it takes a while for steroids to leave your body. Worst reaction to a medication I have ever had.

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