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How do shingles affect POTS patients?

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

I'm posting for a friend who has POTS.

She just called me this afternoon and asked me if I would mind posting for her as she can read the posts, but has a difficult time typing.

She just found out she has shingles---and she has a pretty severe form of hyper/adrengic POTS.

Have any of you who have POTS ever had shingles, and did it make your POTS symptoms worse? What treatments if any did you receive to help with the pain, and did the medications to treat the pain make the POTS symptoms worse?

She has a form of migraine headaches also, and swimming in a warm pool has helped her out, but now she can't use the pool due to the shingles----and now blisters are forming that are going to drain, so she can't go in water that other people enter.

Thanks for any responses.

Julie :0)

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I was diagnosed with shingles in december of '04 after sucessfully controlling my Autonomic dysfunction symptoms for about 2 years without any major problems. My body is extremely tired from dealing with shingles and my autonomic symptoms are back in full force. I had to take a leave from graduate school to take care of myself due to overwhelming fatigue, palpitations, and numerous fainting episodes. Eight months later I am just starting to feel like I am getting back to myself. My doctors explained that indivuals with dysautonomias often have extended periods post-viral symptoms.

I caught my shingles very early and was able to get into the doctor for a anti-viral called acyclovir. I was lucky to only be in terrible nerve pain for about two weeks and have minimal lingering pain.

I wish your friend the best and hope she recovers more rapidly than I.

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i haven't had shingles, but aside from when my POTS/NCS was almost in complete hibernation (those were the days :lol: ), i have not had a virus or any type of bug that hasn't set off my autonomic craziness to at least some degree...the degrees have varied greatly, and not always in proportion with the severity of the bug i'm fighting off, but shingles is generally tough for anyone so i would expect it to be even tougher for someone with POTS. having had several friends, family members, & the like who have had shingles, though, it's also good to know that there is a really wide range of how shingles "hits" people...everything from not bad at all to really ill...

here's hoping your friend gets by with an "easier" case of it...


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@Lob, POTS can be caused by any infection, and really any illness, so it’s possible. I searched for research papers linking POTS and herpes zoster, but nothing came up, so no particular association between these two has been found.

POTS and other types of dysautonomia can also appear without any identifiable trigger, so it can be hard to know, but there is lots of anecdotal evidence of people coming down with a virus and getting POTS soon after.

Unfortunately, this aspect of dysautonomia isn’t well studied yet. There has been evidence building recently that the immune system is involved, but nothing really affecting treatment options yet.

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