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  1. I love your doctors name, keeps me sharp
  2. Are you able to sleep at other times? There have been times where I get 8 hours just perhaps starting at 1 am and then seem to regulate back to normal later. I think the quiet of night is nice when I’m overstimulated.
  3. I don’t do well with iron vitamins myself, I have better luck with beef liver capsules. The heme iron seems more easily absorbed and no nausea.
  4. I would try my best to hydrate, nourish yourself, rest.
  5. I drink 3/4 liter quickly in am of hydrating drink, broth, sometimes some veggie juice than try to spread the rest out through the day.
  6. I do not do well in heat and humidity. I enjoy cold as I can find ways to warm up. I cannot say dry heat is any better for me but I think it really is dependent on tolerance. I have done best in coastal PNW and San Francisco Bay.
  7. I haven’t tried licorice. But eye problems really bother me, hard to ignore
  8. I also prefer homemade drinks. I can change the flavors. In winter I enjoy warm water, sole, lemon, and a touch of honey. I have ave some normalyte pure for convenience, don’t feel it works better than anything I make.
  9. Have you tried sole? (Pronounced so-lay). Sole with some lime and some watermelon is a quick drink to make to go. My favorite summer drink
  10. Squeeze of lemon and lime, and some coconut water. Berries. Parsley and cucumber/celery I often have these type of drinks with a few salty olives or some organic veggie juice (like V8)
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