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  1. Are you able to sleep at other times? There have been times where I get 8 hours just perhaps starting at 1 am and then seem to regulate back to normal later. I think the quiet of night is nice when I’m overstimulated.
  2. I don’t do well with iron vitamins myself, I have better luck with beef liver capsules. The heme iron seems more easily absorbed and no nausea.
  3. I would try my best to hydrate, nourish yourself, rest.
  4. I drink 3/4 liter quickly in am of hydrating drink, broth, sometimes some veggie juice than try to spread the rest out through the day.
  5. I do not do well in heat and humidity. I enjoy cold as I can find ways to warm up. I cannot say dry heat is any better for me but I think it really is dependent on tolerance. I have done best in coastal PNW and San Francisco Bay.
  6. I haven’t tried licorice. But eye problems really bother me, hard to ignore
  7. I also prefer homemade drinks. I can change the flavors. In winter I enjoy warm water, sole, lemon, and a touch of honey. I have ave some normalyte pure for convenience, don’t feel it works better than anything I make.
  8. Have you tried sole? (Pronounced so-lay). Sole with some lime and some watermelon is a quick drink to make to go. My favorite summer drink
  9. Squeeze of lemon and lime, and some coconut water. Berries. Parsley and cucumber/celery I often have these type of drinks with a few salty olives or some organic veggie juice (like V8)
  10. Interesting. i do not have any experience but am looking forward to hearing about it
  11. Sorry it was horrible. Been reading about the test, hopefully some good info to help get you good treatment
  12. I do not use medicine between flares. I always have symptoms and have never returned to pre-pots but managagable. I have three kids (all born after POTS) and was very careful not to get deconditioned while pregnant. I have had POTS for 15 years and I think have made lots of changes and adaptions to try to maintain as well as I can with a chronic illness.
  13. I would be interested to hear about it if you decide to do it. My right ear has lost 50% of its vestibular nerve function. When I get sick I never know what to think, pots or ear. I have never regained my balance fully, my husband is currently installing new front walk because he worries about my balance so much. What are they hoping to determine by doing the test?
  14. I actually prefer less follow up and less testing. I have had POTS for 15 years. I see quite a few specialists at the U and generally have been happy.
  15. I am a pt at the U too. Heat is miserbale right now
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