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Does anyone else experience

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I tried to do a search on this topic here so I wouldn't have to post the question, but I've pretty much failed.

Does anyone else experience a cough (congested or otherwise) while your eating or immediately afterwards?

I don't know whether to be concerned about CHF or just GERD.

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Hi Steph, I do. Seems to start after I am finished eating and bothers me for a while after. I don't feel like I am choking, in fact sometimes I don't notice that I have been coughing and a family member mentions it. Other times it seems like I get a little phlemy or something bothering me. I don't have a diagnosis of GERD or any other stomach problems. Not sure why it happens or if this is similar to what you are experiencing. How are you feeling this week? Any better since your hospital visit? Hope you are taking care. Laura

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Hey Briarrose..how long have you been having these problems? It could be related to GERD..I would recommend speaking to your doc. about getting a Modified Barium Swallow Study done if this is an issue you've had for awhile..or if it continues and gets worse. I say this only b/c coughing CAN be a sign of aspiration..especially if it occurs during or after a swallow.

A MBS can show you exactly what's going on while you eat/drink and reveal if the coughing is related to your swallowing or if it's being triggered by something else.

It's a non-invasive test that doesn't take long to complete..I hope this helps somewhat! :D

keep us posted

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Thanks for your input. I've been taking daily medication for many years to treat GERD. Maybe it's not enough anymore.


I think it depends on what I eat to the extremity of the cough. I thought it might be allergy related but I really don't think so, although Chinese food really makes me congested, runny nose worse than normal and the extreme cough. I'm starting to wonder if soda pop can aggravate the cough too.

I sometimes worry about Congested heart failure or something horrible that they've missed.

I am doing a lot better than last week thank you for asking, the pain was almost as bad as being in labor. Although now that I've had time to rest up, I've been thinking about a few of my test results. I should probably be worried about the CT & US findings but I'm more concerned about the EKG. In the past, all of my EKG's were normal sinus rhythm with or without tachycardia. I've had PVC's, PAC's and a run of non-sustained V-tach but now my EKG is abnormal with Incomplete bundle branch block and Nonspecific T-wave abnormality. I'm not sure what it all means but what bothers me most is that I went to the doctor last year with increased chest pain, skips, flutters & worsening shortness of breath especially upon waking in the morning, sometimes coughing up phlegm. I'm not sure that he really believed me and he never did an EKG at that time. I'm wondering if it was then that I had the change in my EKG and it was missed. Now I'm wondering what it all means :(

I'm sorry for such a long statement about my health but it has been weighing heavy on my mind. I would like to be around long enough to see my kids graduate from college and grandchildren would be an added bonus.

I'm not depressed when I say this but I'm starting to feel like my time is limited.

I get angry at doctor's for making you wait 3, 6, 12 months before they want to recheck you. What could have been a mild problem, 12 months in the future could be a horrible problem; if you know what I mean.

You know that song by Tim McGraw - Live life like you were dying? It's taken on a new meaning for me. That song should have been around a 1 1/2 years ago because that's how I started thinking and making some of my decisions, even if not always in my best interest :) So many things have become an urgency to me. I'm anxious to take my children to meet their extended family in the midwest. There are a few places I would personally like to visit. I would also like to make a difference by helping educate people about chronic illness and what people go through. Some understanding will go a long ways :D

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I had a barium swallow about 10-15 years ago because of muscle spasms in my throat that made me feel like I was always choking. The test confirmed that indeed I was having spasms. I know that things can change over time so maybe I should bug them about this again.

I've been having the coughing spells worse since last year. I bring it up now because I'm starting to worry that it's more serious. I had been seen last year and my primary just told me that it's normal but last week when I was an inpatinent in the hospital one of my doctor's told me that it's not normal.

I hadn't really thought about aspiration.

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Hey Steph, I definately notice an increase to the coughing if I drink Soda. Get more phlemy. I started this cough in October, and at first it was always worse in the evening, and now it seems to be pretty much after every time I eat. It's funny, I was thinking it might have been allergies for me as well! I don't think so now as it seems to be pretty consistent. Do you know what side the bundle branch block is on? Have you had a recent echo to check for heart enlargement? Usually Left side enlargement can be an indicator of CHF. I completely understand your concern, can you speak to your doctor about this and have further testing? Have they arranged anything other tests to be done? Maybe they should do a little more investigation on your lung function as that can cause changes to ECG as well? I am just throwing things out there for you Steph, I know how easy it is to suggest and difficult to actually get done. Did you have your CT scan yet? Where were the problem areas with that? ( if I am getting too personal, don't feel that you have to answer! Just trying to see if there would be any link.) Laura

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My block is right sided. It's been a couple of years since I've had an echo. Because I was in the hospital for my stomach they didn't really address my EKG as it didn't mean anythign to them. I wasn't complaining of heart symptoms at the time. They did ask me if I have a tendency to pass out and I told them I never let it get that far as I know when to get down on the ground so I really don't even think of myself as having a problem, even though obviously I do.

The CT & US showed several problems in my gallbladder, kidney, liver & ovary.

The only follow up they've arranged is to have an upper GI scope, follow up with my primary to schedule a CT, US & possible MRI in the next 3-6 months. They notated on my EKG (no old ekg to refer to.)

I've been wondering about lung functions since last year when I was waking up with shortness of breath. It has to be heart or lung and they just pooh-poohed me :(

I appreciate your time helping me trying to sort this mess out. Two brains are definitely better than one and because you're in the same boat, I trust yours better than theirs. :D

I think I'm so concerned because there is so much heart disease in my family, hitting in the early 40's of age. I never knew my grandfather on my mom's side because he dropped dead of a sudden heart attack. My grandfather on my father's side has had a heart attack and his daughter. 3 of my mom's family has been diagnosed with Marfans in the past year or so. It goes on and on but I do worry (justifiably) about heart disease. Heart disease, blood clots & cancer are my families big killers.

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Hi Steph. Well, incomplete RBBB can be a "normal variance" for some people but they always do a complete check on the heart to rule out any other underlying heart disease when incomplete RBBB occures. That being said, yours is a new occurence, and a change from previous ECG. You must have this checked out. It can suggest right ventricular hypertrophy (enlarged right side of heart) or dialated cadiomyopathy. This is not common and more often than not incomplete RBBB seems to occure without any negative reasons, but with your symptoms it would be worth having checked. Definately would suggest asking for another echo just to check for changes in size. I found this web site with some info that you might find interesting.


I hope the link works! With your family history and the change in how you are feeling and change in ECG, you need to press to get this checked out. As I mentioned above, it's routine for them to opt to do a full cardiac work up when you present with incomplete RBBB anyway, so you should definately be seen regardless. Also, with RBBB you can have a prolonged QRS on the ecg which can cause heart rhythm disturbances and cause fainting and other problems. Let me know what you think of this... I hope I am not overstepping my boundries here! Laura

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