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Still Exercising and making progress


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It's been awhile since I have given an update on my son. He is still on POTS medications and supplements. However, he is swimming twice a week and lifting weights twice a week. So far, he has not had any relapses with the autoimmune antibodies. He had blood work several months ago and the strep was totally out of his body. He does get dizzy if he stands up to quick and his body does not tolerate heat. He has been able to stand and walk since November 2015. He had an upper respiratory virus in February and had to rest for 3 days. However, he was able to get right back up and continue where he left off with exercise. He never had any unusual symptoms return. His blood pressures are within normal ranges but he still takes a hefty dose of midodrine. We did learn that he had a pretty severe problem with absorbing folate. Our insurance stopped paying on his high dosage of Deplin (methylfolate) last year, he went without the high dosage for several weeks. His doctor and I assumed he would be ok on a lower dosage. Boy, were we wrong! He started suffering from suicidal and severe OCD problems. Finally found a high dose supplement of methylfolate and got these problems stopped. I also had to add a few other supplements to keep his body making serotonin. His 23 nd Me testing was positive on the genes that would cause these problems. It took several months to get these problems corrected. My son recovered from these neurotransmitters imbalances and continues to make progress. I will never underestimate the validity of 23 and me testing. 

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You amaze me looneymom. Your dedication is endless. I don't post much here but I've tuned into your son's progression and am cheering him on here in Akron, Ohio!. Do you have to get particular 23 and me testing to get all that info? How does this work? Do they interpret for you?

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I ordered the the 23 and me testing for my son when it was on sale for $99. They do that special around Christmas time. However, you can get the testing done free if you have a diagnosis of Depression. They are conducting a study right now and needing participants. You must be 18 years or older to participate. You will probably find the study on their website. I'll see if I can find the link and post it.

After you submit your spit sample for the testing, it takes 6-8 weeks to get results back. You will need to keep your data in a safe place and then you can upload it to other websites such as Genetic Geni, or Dr. Amy Yasko website. These are free sites to upload and will give you basic information about your results. There are some other sites such as Livewillo, Nutrahacker, Promethesis that want to charge but provide even more information. I did much research on my own through Dr. Amy Yasko website because of all the free material available. I learned more from her website than anywhere else.

Another test that might be helpful to you is called Genesight. MAYO developed this test and it checks to see if your medications will absorb properly according to your genetic DNA code. My son's doctor has recommended that we have this testing done for him if our insurance will pay on it. 

The 23 and me testing provides a lot of information but you will need to do research if you cannot find a doctor to help you interpret the results. My son's doctor help some and I did much research to figure out much of the test. I enjoy researching. 

You might also check and see if the University of Michigan is doing their study on Genes for Good.  If the study is still open, this test is similar to the 23 and me  testing. My husband and I participated in the study and got our results. We ran our results through the websites above and got just as much information that's on the 23 and Me testing. This testing is free if the study is still open. 



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