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Temperature irregularities after surgery


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I had a quick question for everybody....  My daughter is 3 weeks post-op cervical/thoracic spinal fusion (C3-T4) and her temperature keeps registering 99.4, 99.8.  She had a UTI, but that seems to be under control (had that rechecked today).  She keeps getting these low grade fevers, though, and the doctors don't consider them a fever until they reach about 101.5 or something like that.  Has anyone else had this problem this long after surgery?  I'm worried about infection as her back is now full of all sorts of titanium and we don't want anything to jeopardize the healing of her surgery.  She's real tired today, don't know if that is contributing to it or not.  Any ideas???

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Thanks dancer!     

Hi p8d!  You know, she's had a lot of testing done for autoimmune disease, but, other than a lower titer positive ANA, she tests negative for everything.  That being said, I still hold that she probably has Lupus or Sjogren's.  She has a lot of the symptoms, just nothing ever tests positive in her blood work (with the exception of the low ANA).  My mom has lupus, also.  Would think with both of them having Ehlers Danlos and my mom having Lupus, too, that maybe my daughter would have a predisposition to it.  Thanks for your suggestion! 

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