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Left sided vascular pain - POTS

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I have been diagnosed with pots and a healthy heart. But, every morning the last week I wake up with pain in my veins in the left arm, left neck, and sometimes left leg. I generally cry before getting up for the day because i'm scared it's my heart despite all the tests. I don't want to call my cardiologist again this week or go to the er again as i've been told to cut down on er trips since i'm "fine." I'm also very sore and tight in the back in the mornings and i don't know if that is contributing. mornings suck! does anyone else have these pains? seeking reassurance and trying to accept them.

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I use these exercises, and I'd like to think that they work.

These two exercise are to help your blood flow. I do the one below first and then the one above.

Also, this video is about signs heart disease.

I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. No red meat or chicken (fish is fine), I drink plenty of water and I get at least 30 minutes of exercise three days a week. I take long walks so I don't strain my heart. (If I am feeling weak, I just lay back and do leg lifts and bicycle pedaling motions).  There are recipes for artetry cleansing drinks. hope this helps.

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