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  1. Thanks for these answers. I get so scared my heart is being damaged but I try to block that out.
  2. @DizzyGirls i feel you on too many er trips! we don't want drugs our bodies just feel wrong!
  3. Thanks guys! I have POTS so far. I am waiting to see a neurologist and a new cardiologist wasn't interested in treating autonomic dysfunction. Also, I will be see and endocrinologist. My hands don't turn purple but my left hand is cold as ice. Lifting my arms to type on my phone right now is causing numbness so i've turned over. chest and left arm feel weird but cardiologist would say in an exasperated tone "ok but this is anxiety this isn't your heart. so. i'm just nervous my heart will fail before i get to the next cardiologist but i'd rather think is all 100% pots in the meantime so i can sleep at night. mornings are pretty awful this week.
  4. I have POTS. I woke up today and my whole body was numb. If i lifted my arm it would feel even more pins and needles like blood could go up even more so. My pulse felt so so weak and so did I and i feel like my heart felt weak but I don't know if I can perceive that or if that's where my anxiety kicks in. My doctor's really want me to stop going to the ER. I called the paramedics and they said it looked normal so I didn't go with them and just left a message for my doctor. Has anyone else experienced numbness? I'm so concerned and confused. I have had all normal heart work ups. My stress test is a year old but my recent echo and bloodwork and ekg are all normal. Can POTS make u numb or make ur circulation bad? Don't want i die and also want to function without catastrophizing.
  5. Hello, I have POTS and i get days where my adrenaline rushes keep happening throughout the day. I recent had a week without them and I was so happy but they are back today. I had a stressful night last night I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Anyway, I am seeking reassurance that as long as my heart is "healthy" that these won't harm me? It's hard enough because they give that "doom" feeling but I need better self talk and I'm scared to google it.
  6. I was anorexic for 6 years and now i have pots so you never know. i wonder about it quite a lot actually.
  7. Mornings are terrible. I get really depressed and have a lot of healthy anxiety in the morning and have to re-go over the reassurance my doctors have given me to talk myself out of fearing heart problems with my left veins hurting and my pulse feeling weak and fast. No cardiologist of mine is concerned but I always am from about 9am-2pm!
  8. I just got a low grade fever yesterday that lasted a few hours and went away. No cold symptoms or anything. I was wondering if it was pots related as i'm having quite a flare. Yes to number 4 for me as well. I'm seeing an endocrinologist soon so maybe that will be explained.
  9. Hello, I have been diagnosed with pots and a healthy heart. But, every morning the last week I wake up with pain in my veins in the left arm, left neck, and sometimes left leg. I generally cry before getting up for the day because i'm scared it's my heart despite all the tests. I don't want to call my cardiologist again this week or go to the er again as i've been told to cut down on er trips since i'm "fine." I'm also very sore and tight in the back in the mornings and i don't know if that is contributing. mornings suck! does anyone else have these pains? seeking reassurance and trying to accept them.
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