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Thoughts on symptoms without increased HR

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Two weeks ago after a little trip to the ER I ended up getting an increase in my dose of Metoprolol. This seems to be doing the trick as far as keeping my HR and blood pressure under control. However, I still feel like crud, pooling (I know, compression stockings, lol, I've tried them and usually end up taking them off), fatigue, coat hanger pain and shortness of breath, even with a normal heart rate. Is it possible that the medication lowering the heart rate is actually taking away the actual compensation of the heart to bring the blood back up to the brain? Sorry if my question doesn't make sense, I'm feeling a bit foggy today.

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Hi pink I notice for myself that my symptoms and my hr don't typically correlate, though I always feel the rush of blood to the head feeling when just standing up. One of my doctors did mention the idea of the excessive hr as being the compensation mechanism, though I'm not sure how bringing that down would affect things overall; maybe others have more to add to that.

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