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  1. Depends on the day for me. Somedays I am good, others not so much. I don't miss work, but when I am really potsy (like if I am finally forced to bathe or shower cuz I can't stand it anymore lol) I have a VERY hard time getting to work and staying all day. I only live a 5 minute drive from my office, but that feels like 100 miles when I am having a bad day. And somedays I am ok part of the day and then suddenly not so much.
  2. It totally depends on the day for me. Some days I can't even walk from my car to my office and others I can walk all over (not really heavy exertion however, that is just a no no for me every day.)
  3. Me too. I hate this particular symptom the most. I do have asthma as well, but there are many times when I think I am having an asthma attack and my oxygen levels are nearly 100 percent and my peak flow is normal. It is maddening to say the least. I have noticed that personally I have the breathing symptoms a lot more when I am having trouble controlling my temperature and am suffering from feeling like I am freezing or burning up!
  4. I like your analogy to poisoning, good point. My husband has a cold this week and is whining about how sick he feels. It makes me want to punch him in the mouth! He is unemployed and can lie around and feel sorry for himself when he is not feeling well. I went to work on New Year's Eve with pneumonia! I had just started antibiotics that morning, but I was feeling like ****. No sympathy. I think that you are not being spiteful for wanting people feel like this for 24 hours. Wishing it on them for a lifetime might be spiteful, but I think 24 hours is reasonable, lol.
  5. I have a friend who while she believes that I feel sick always says "But you look so good!". At least we get to look awesome while feeling so crappy! I have another friend who gives me a look like "yeah right" when I tell her how I feel. I think that it is impossible for people to believe that you are feeling poorly if you look good, that's just the way most of us are taught, sick people LOOK sick. If you are sick, you get thin and pale or lose your hair. Another friend of mine who is young and good looking has Parkinsons. She has a service dog that she brings everywhere. When I first met her,
  6. Yep, he's a big butt when it comes to understanding any of this. He went with me for the tilt table test but didn't go in the room. I failed it in sixty seconds so that should have been a clue for him, but he was just happy that we got to go home earlier than they told us. He is hanging on to the original anxiety diagnosis that I got years ago. So, his reason for my failed test was that I just "freaked out". I agree with you that many people, not just our spouses have no clue what POTS is like. Maybe someone should invent a POTS simulator that we could make people try to show what it is like.
  7. I have been sick for many years (at least 13, since I started to get sick after my first daughter was born) and along the way have picked up diagnoses of asthma, allergies, celiac, fibromyalgia and now POTS. All along the way I have been doubted by my husband. He tells me it is all just me "freaking out", his way of saying I am having a panic attack since we all know that panic attacks are cured through antihistamines, asthma inhalers, and a gluten free diet, lol. The couple of times I have actually fainted due to POTS, he just tells me to knock it off and get up off the floor. Last night, aft
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