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Does anyone know why it takes so long for someone with POTS to recover for driving or riding in a car for more than a couple of hours?  I took a two hour trip recently, drank lots of water, rested.  The next day, two hours back home, I had to go straight to bed and was there most of the weekend.  I've asked Mayo Clinic if it's a blood flow issue, but nurse said no.  My muscles ache, and I'm incredibly fatigued.  I've been diagnosed for three years, and I take salt tablets, Cymbalta, Klonpin, Carpidoba, probiotics, and try to drink the recommended amounts of water and electrolyte fluids.  I don't exercise regularly.  Maybe that would help.


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Welcome to the forum!  I am not sure why being in a car would particularly cause fatigue--except perhaps the motion is a problem.  But many of us are simply fatigued easily.  Also many of us I think find that sitting for too long in one position can be tiring and I do think that could be related to blood pooling for some.

Many patients do see improvements with moderate exercise.  Of course if you fatigue easily this will have to be slow and minimal at first--and best to check in with your doctor before starting an exercise plan.

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