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Restless leg syndrome


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I experience this at times. What helps me most is a bedtime yoga routine that can be done laying in bed. Mainly hip opening exercises tend to be most useful when I am suffering. If I need to fall asleep quickly then I will cheat and take 2 benadryl and that will usually put me to sleep. What I have also found to be helpful is drawing a bath with essential oils, for restless legs I use lavender and rosemary. I also have a "nighttime aches and pains" bath oil blend of lavender, chamomile, and menthol. Sometimes this helps to relieve my symptoms. If you have a partner maybe you can ask for a leg massage when you are suffering?

I hope you find something that works for you.

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I have this problem most evenings and during the night but it also includes my arms. This has been one of the most annoying uncomfortable sympton for me and so far my syncope nurses who I check in with monthly have no suggestions.

Like the others said walking around , warm bath I use Himalayan or Epsom salts in the bath seem to help the best for me, lymphatic massage helps to relieve it for a few hours

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I get this too! And sometimes really itchy lower legs. Like others on here, I find stretching and massaging to be the most helpful. 

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