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numbnessafter passing out?

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Hi everyone..

I have blacked out 7 times since last night, and last night after i blacked out for the 3rd time, i started to feel really weird, the right side of my body started twitching.. and i left like my insides were shaking. I also got a horrid headach.

well i woke up this morning, and my head hurt even more, alot of pain and pressure in the back of my head. that is normal aftr I black out.

But wasnt normal, was the twitching and numb feeling that i got in my face, was unreal, that has never happened before. It lasted for a couple of hours, and I had a difficult time talking, my tongue felt thick and it was twitching too.

The muscles around my mouth and eyes were twitching like bad.

It felt like every muscle in my body was twitching.

i was wondering if any of you experience this after blacking out or passing out...my blood pressure was high 151/100.

I am tempted to go to the ER, but they are so rude that and I really dont want to deal with rudes nurses and docs..


Well I thank you all once again for listening to me vent...


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I think you better see a doctor. It's not that I want to worry you, but when it is serious, you need a doctor's help. When it turns out to be not serious, you can stop worrying. I can understand you hesitating, we always have trouble in the ER, it seems, but I do think it's for the best!

Take care,


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Hi Linda, Boy what a tough time you've been having! I strongly agree with Corina that you should get yourself seen. I know you hate to do it, but when you have new symptoms, especially difficulty talking, new numbness/tingling, high BP, etc.. it warrants being checked out. Anyway you could get in tomorrow to see your regular doc on an emergency-type visit (if you really object to the ER)? Is this your usual to be passing out this frequently in such a short time? I hope you are not living alone and have good family support with all of this going on!! Please take care and seriously consider getting looked over- just in case! Laura

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Corina ernie laura,


Laura, no it is not normal for me to blackout so many times in such a short period of time. I blacked out 7+ times since yesterday. My lord, that is just not cool.

I feel alittle better rigth now, the twitching has eased up some.

I am going to call my family doc, first thing in the morning, and see if I can get in to be seen.

I also sent an email to my cardio doc, so I imagine that I will hear from him tomorrow.

Its not that I am dead set against the ER, its just that I have had so many BAD experiences with the hospitals here, (I;m sure that you all know the drill!)

that i dont go unless I have no other alternative, now granted i probably should have gone today, that would have been the smart thing to do.

I pray that tomorrow is a better day!

thank you so much for your support, it really means alot :D


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hi linda -

sorry that you're having such a rough spell & hope that you're able to touch base with one or more of your docs. i did want to let you know though that i often have twitches/shaking like you described when i a black out or when i'm close to it and often for quite some time afterward. i have had times over the years when i have blacked out that much in short amounts of time too. i probably still would except that i know i simply can't push it at all soon after a black out. i have had numbness/tingling but never in my face or mouth...for me it's extremities.

hang in there & keep us updated,


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Hi Linda,

How are you doing?

I wanted to let you know that I do agree with others that you need to have this checked out. I also wanted to let you know that I too have had similar experiences and when others have witnessed them at times they said it appeared to be "seizure like". In the end, Dr's have said it is most likely subcortical seizures that don't show up on EEG.

Either way, it's best to get checked and let them run tests if they need to.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I had a few incidents of one side numbness and was told speculatively that it was familial hemiplegic migraine- not part of pots but possibly complicated by it. As yet I still have no results from London, where this hypothesis was made, so I can't tell you any more about it, unfortunately!

Hope you get some answers and meds to fix it tho! :)

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Guest Mary from OH

Not sure if you're feeling better, but I thought I'd add my .02. Some of your symptoms also sound like serious dehydration bordering on heat exhaustion/heat stroke. With all this HOT weather we've been having and our crazy bodies, I wouldn't be surprised.

Has your dr gotten back to you yet?

Hope you're feeling better!

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iwas in the hospital thursday thru sunday, and I was given IV fluids the whole time I was there. It did help me feel alittle better, not great but better none the less.

i did get ahold of my doctor today, and am scheduled to go see him next week, i should hopefully get some answers

I am still blacking out, but it isnt as frequent or as bad as it was,

thanks for the support!

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I've been having these for a long time. Same thing your talking about. Twitching, Numbing on the right sight of my face and sometimes body then loss of ability to speak because my tongue swells up they usually will last for about 20 minutes then stop... Sometimes they happen after I collapses and sometimes they happen when I'm being over simulated. My doctors that they were a calcium deficiency at first told me to drink milk that didn't work. They did a blood test of calcium and my electrolytes in my body to rule both of those out. So when they kept happening they did a sleep deprived EEG it came back normal except for peaks that are often seen on people who are having severe Migraines. They said it is probably related to that. I talked to a medical friend and he told me that tell sound to him like a imbalance is the body related to the brain and breathing. He told me to get and plastic or paper bag and breathe into it. To try to balance to CO2 in my body. I don't know why but it usually brings my out of it in about 5-10 minutes less time. It's the only thing I've found that helps... It might help you too. I'm sorry.

My left hand will also clamp and turn in (paralyzed so I can't use it when it gets really bad)... do you ever experience that??

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