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tried vesicare

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well, i gave it a really good try(6 days), but i gotta stop the vesicare-my doc had hoped it would help with my bladder troubles, no such luck.

what i did end up with was backed up bowels and cramps like a bad period(since i haven't one since April of '99, i don't miss them) and after 2 rounds with good 'ol fleet's i'm starting to get moving again.

anyone had work done on their pelvic floor, specifically for bladder troubles? if so what were your options?

thanks, blackwolf

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Hi Blackwolf, I've not had pelvic floor surgery, but I know several people who have. They had problems with uterine prolapse and really bad bladder leakage. Everyone I know whose had this done had a good outcome. Granted, the dysautonomic person may have different course of recovery, but the procedure is pretty common.

Also, there are exercises, but I'm guessing you've already tried those. Sorry to hear the meds didn't work for you. I empathize with the backed up guts. If I don't stick to my glycolax/miralax regimen, I look like I'm pregnant and stuff stays in me a week or more. Yes, it does give horrible cramping. Hopefully, yours will pass (pun intended). :P


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Guest tearose

Hi blackwolf!

I'm one of those who went through pelvic reconstruction because everything had collapsed down in my pelvis! I attribute this major problem partially to our pots because I personally have muscle weakness and atrophy after an illness. I think the doctors were quite surprised that my insides were so bad (looked like an 80 year old woman) and I was half that!

Anyway, having my bladder brought back up has been a life saver for me. I still have times of weakness, like during and after illness, but NOTHING like before the surgery, when I had to void every half hour and had little accidents!

Send me a message if you would like to know more. I don't want to get off the POTS topic and be out of order! There are two types of bladder surgery and I want to tell you why the easier "tape" proceeder is not the best!

I do think the kegel exercises work after months of practice but not if you are already collapsed! I had to have sutures and mesh put in to tie me back up and now the kegels help!

take care, tearose

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thanks nina and tearose

i guess the only thing i worry bout is being sicker while it is hot. i know i will get sick form the surgery and can live with it, but waiting till Sept. to get it done seems like such a wait. i have a wedding at the end of July that i have to be at, my brother-in-laws, and my kids are doing things, Lorrie is the flower girl and Andy is in charge of gifts with his twin cousins.

my internal med doc has been the greatest and said that even though i was doing the kegels correctly and was very strong in some places i was weak in others. some of the weakness is due to trouble after some other surgeries i had done several years ago. if the one drug didn't work, she wasn't going to mess around with pills and just pass me on the a surgon who does alot of these. things have progressed rather fast over the last few weeks, going from leaking only when i coughed or was sick to leaking on standing up and just walking.

sorry, i have the ramble bug,

thank you so much,


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