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Catecholamine Testing. Shouldn't Ne Double Upon Standing?


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I just got the results of my testing. Last time I was told that my NE should double upon standing, which it did, bringing it to 1199. This time my supine NE was 855 and standing was 990. My dopamine was really high this time, 41 supine and 37 standing.

During this test things went terribly wrong. They put the IV in and left me alone in a well lit room. Drew the blood after 30 minutes. Got me up and standing for 10 minutes but when they went to draw the blood it was barely dripping out of the IV. They had a nurse come in and for the next 20 minutes they poked, prodded, twisted and turned that darn needle trying to get blood to flow freely. They were trying to fill 5 vials. We had to stop at 4. I was not allowed to sit and I bruised TERRIBLY from all the poking.

I don't think they do the testing there often, this is a new ANS center. I don't know if I should ask to have the test redone or just go with the high supine numbers and disregard the rest. They said that the reason it took so long to get the standing results was that they had to be rerun for some reason.

Anyway, It was my understanding that the NE should double. Isn't dopamine a NE antagonist? So if my dopamine is high could it be keeping the NE down?

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