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OK, so I am one of those people who does a lot of research before buying anything. I thought I would share some of the links I found when shopping for a cooling vest, which include product reviews and links to places where you can buy different cooling products.




Based upon the what I read, I decided to try the Silver Eagle cooling vest, because it seems easier to use than the vests that you put in the freezer. It is also slightly less expensive. This is a total experiment since I haven't heard of anyone using this brand. At least they have a money back guarantee! :D

I also learned that heat intolerance is a symptom of MS. There is a lot of good info on the MS websites and there are even MS charities which give out cooling vests for free. I hope someday we can do this for dysautonomia patients.


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Hi, My name is Richard ( Rich) and would love to know how your vest is working, I grew up here in FL and now with POTS am Heat intolerant. I spent most of the spring, summer and fall up northwestern Maryland in the Mountains to avoid the heat.

The times that I am in the heat, a cool vest sounds like it might help. The company that I looked into so far is the "Cool Vest" company. I share any info you have with your vest....i.e durration time in the heat

Thanks, I love this Web-site, I know I'm Not crazy now :D



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thank you so much! i research everything way too much too! i have been researching tvs for over a year now i think, and still haven't decided! :D

were you able to 'complete' research on your vitamins and decide on one? i have been wondering!


welcome! nope, you're not crazy...:) i'm glad you found us!


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Rich, I'm still waiting for the vest to come in the mail, but I'll post an update.

Emily, I wound up getting the High Potency Ultra Freeda vitamins. I'm not sure those are even available on the website. It was one of the few high quality multivitamins I could find which didn't include any herbs. Maybe it's a mental block on my part, but I am scared to take herbs. NSI, the brand suggested by Gena, also makes one, but I didn't have time to get them over the web before my old vitamins ran out. Thanks again for suggesting Freeda. The store was great and everything is 20% off too!

P.S. If you haven't already, you should check out cnet.com for great info on TVs. (I am a total geek when it comes to this type of stuff.)

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