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Follow Up After Ttt....and Am So Happy


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Had my follow up and tho the DR had confirmed it was POTS that day....and changed my meds....we are now on the journey to work on my symptoms and then see about underline cause...if we cab pin it down.

Of the 4 cardiologist I seen, he was the only one who wanted to do a TTT....and when I said to him I realize it's not probably a big issue compared to your other heart patients he was so quick to say NO Pots is serious, and we don't want you passing out that could be extremely dangerous if your driving or walking down the stairs or just hit your head...it was just so nice to hear a Dr say don't down play your symptoms, I Take them and you seriously.....

It is so sad that even the cardiologist who have heard of POTS don't take it seriously and say just don't stand still or relax....I know it impacts ppl differently and it is still so misunderstood....even so....they should just say it's not my area let's see if we can find someone who can better help with diagnosis and treatment...

I know it may be a journey and there will be bad days...I am reading about how they vary and keep us guessing all the time...but for the moment just so excited about someone saying we will figure it out...and wants to hear it all even if it doesn't sound related...and meet regularly until we get there....

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