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Dr. Suleman's New Paper On Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome


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Sue I actually printed this out and took it to my doctor to try and convince him to do my surgery. It was in a different study but same age of patient and same result. My doctor scoffed at it and said to me that the hip bone is not connected to the funny bone. However it sure helped me. I only say this because you might get the same kick back since the mals surgery is controversial since it didn't help all patients. In fact my surgeon did another mals surgery the same day as mine and it provided no relief to the other patient.

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My son has doppler results suggesting greater than 70% stenosis of celiac artery, but yet he has very few gastro issues.  But his hyper POTS is severe.  Getting CT soon.  Surgery help you with POTS or just gastro?  You have any other info on whether POTS patients have had gret improvement in their POTS with the MALS surgery?

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