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Back from Vanderbilt


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Hi All -

You don't know me too well as I had just started posting a few weeks before going to Vanderbilt in April, then was super busy getting ready to go and am just now getting back to the forum as I've been pretty overwhelmed with other stuff and knew once I got here I wouldn't want to leave! Now I hope & plan to be a bit more consistant, & what better time to start than the middle of the night when sleep is nowhere to be found??

There is SO much that I'm guessing many of you would be curious to know about my Vanderbilt trip & I hardly know where to start. It was intense. For now I'll be super brief & say that my biggest fear of not being accepted into the studies once I got there did NOT come to pass and that while nothing is perfect it was overall a good trip and I'm really glad I went. No magic answers or solutions but some additional pieces to add to the puzzle & work with to try to get my body to cooperate with some semblance of a normal life at least a bit more!

I'll definitely write more - about the experience & about things I learned medically-speaking (personally & in general), but if there are any specific questions anyone has feel free to let me know.

I'm going to catch up on the board a bit before I start in on my travel tales. I hope you're all hangin in there & are managing okay with the heat.


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I would look forward to hearing more about your Vanderbilt trip...I love hearing all sides too...the 'what you learned medically AND personally'...

Questions...what did you learn at Vanderbilt that you hadn't learned previously? What made Vanderbilt unique? What studies might you be in? What did you do when you were there/how long were you there, etc.? And what care/treatment options had you done before that then led you to Vanderbilt....

How's that for a start....next time you're having a sleepless night...

Hope you get some sleep soon too!


P.S. Remember...this site is not all or nothing! Post when you can, when you want to, and don't feel like you have to 'be perfect' here...if any people understand the inability to keep up with posts...it's US! :D

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:) Hi Melissa - Welcome back - I would love to hear about Vanderbilt too - That was one of the places I was considering going to if I relapse bad again - Did you meet Dr. Robertson? When you have a chance, let us know your stories - I'll be wiating with open ears :D Have a great night!!!!!!! Beth
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