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A Pots Drug That Has Existed For A Long Time???


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Take a look at the binding profile of Buspar- an anti anxiety drug that coincidentally vasoconstricts.

(from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buspirone )

5-HT1A 28.62 Agonist 5-HT2A 138.03 Agonist 5-HT2B 213.79 Agonist 5-HT2C 489.77 Agonist D2 484 Antagonist D3 98 Antagonist D4 29 Antagonist α1 Agonist α1D Agonist

Long story short, Buspar is a drug that is used to treat Generlized Anxiety Disorder with mixed results. It is generally regarded as a very safe drug with minimal withdrawl and little to no overdose possibility. Let's just say that it was designed to 'take the edge off'.

Anything that takes the edge off in POTS is great, but unfortunately that does not address the REAL issue going on in POTS: adrenergic antibodies that disable the alpha channel-- antibodies which were present in a majority of POTS patients according to Vanderbelt and OU.

This is why Buspar is sexy. It is an alpha agonist.

So here you have a drug that is used to REDUCE anxiety and simultaniously has a light vasoconstrictive affect! I say light because it certainly cannot be as potent as midodrine, (although exact numerical affinity to alpha receptors is not shown on wikipidea)

Anyways, there are probably POTS patients who have tried this drug and it did nothing for them. There are certainly many people who have anxiety that have taken Buspar and have had little to no benefit. Of course, to date there is no single POTS treatment that is beneficial for everyone- may it be exercise, midodrine, florinef, propanolol, etc etc etc.

All I am saying:

Here we have a drug that has two actions - 1) reduces the overstimulation of the nervous system, 2) vasoconstricts via alpha agonist properties.

This medicine deserves a much bigger look as a POTS treatment in my humble opinion.

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