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  1. Jerry you might know noradrenaline as Norepinephrine the USA name.
  2. I don't think the symptoms are as simple as hypoglycemia but may well be a trigger. Many of the symptoms of hypoglycemia are mediated by the low sugar causing an increase in noradrenaline and adrenaline. Since dysautonomia in our control of these hormone is damage we may be more sensitive or have a stronger reaction to hypoglycemia. So the problem may not be on the insulin/glucagon end of the response (like most people with hypoglycemia) but hypoglycemia triggering an already doggy and over reactive system. Stefsurf your symptoms sound like excess noradrenaline.
  3. I've been trying to work this one out with my POTS for a while. I seem to do best if I don't let my blood sugar drop to much. I eat fruit, Veges and protein mostly (and good fats). I do not follow any fad diets as most have things I can't eat (mast cell issues)...this is just what my body seems to work best on. So here's a few of my personal theories 1. Sugar is a even stronger osmotic puller than salt...so if we have trouble keeping our fluid in our blood and out of the interstitial spaces then sugar will help wade off a hypovolemic attack by pulling water into the blood (that's why they u
  4. I have POTS and am on mast cell stabilizers. It has taken more the than the normal dose but I now have only a few days a month of tachycardia. I also have osteomalacia caused by a vitamin d deficiency probably due to the mast cell activation. I am still looking for the source of my mast cell activation but am happy some symptoms are revealed by these medications. Still having breathing issues, back, shoulder pain and chest pain. Keep you posted.

  5. New here. Have really enjoyed this site and it has helped me heaps in getting a diagnosis and empowered me to make treatment decisions. Thanks

  6. Has anyone got a pelvic injury but nothypermobility?

  7. I am new to this forum. I have read lots of your posts and they have been very helpful to getting a diagnosis. I live n Belgium but am a New Zealander. Two weeks ago I had a table tilt test and was diagnosed with POTS. The specialist who I have not yet seen wants to do tilt training with me for to days. Ie they want to put me back on the table and teach my body to tolerate the standing position. I don't have low bp, my bp actually raises when I stand and I have asked to be tested fo...

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