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  1. Idea for why POTS can develop "Post Virally" : -Impaired blood volume and nervous system function at the time of introduction of said virus puts the body in a position where it needs increased blood flow to adequately keep virus in check. Desperate times then call for desperate measures and the body develops POTS in order to accomplish this with less available total blood; Without increased adrenaline from 'POTS' boosting the low amount of available blood.. the virus would be completely out of control.
  2. interestingly the act of having pots is antibody mediated dialation in itself.
  3. i dont know if this helps or if this something youre already familiar with but theres overwhelming evidence now that many cases of POTS are autoimmune, particularly if you had a very sudden onset. the study: http://jaha.ahajournals.org/content/3/1/e000755.full
  4. i dont think theres any getting around the short half lives of midodrine or phenyl... and oddly enough Buspar also has a short half life so you have to take it 3x day. its done wonders for me. i will be boasting my success in hopes that others may benefit. my POTS has become non noticable.. knock on wood ?
  5. Take a look at the binding profile of Buspar- an anti anxiety drug that coincidentally vasoconstricts. (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buspirone ) 5-HT1A 28.62 Agonist 5-HT2A 138.03 Agonist 5-HT2B 213.79 Agonist 5-HT2C 489.77 Agonist D2 484 Antagonist D3 98 Antagonist D4 29 Antagonist α1 Agonist α1D Agonist Long story short, Buspar is a drug that is used to treat Generlized Anxiety Disorder with mixed results. It is generally regarded as a very safe drug with minimal withdrawl and little to no overdose possibility. Let's just say that it was designed to 'take the edge off'. Anything th
  6. also, running with an incline while shadow boxing is a great one.
  7. from my personal experience, the hardest exercises to do (AND the most rewarding long term) are exercises that combine cardio workout with resistance. like for example, a rower or a recumbent bike on a high level of resistance. if i run a few miles every day, but don't add resistance, i just don't get the same rewards over time.
  8. If u look at other diseases where prednisone is prescribed to supress an autoimmune attack it can take up to 6 months
  9. From an autoimmune basis, Theres a lot of reason to suspect that prednisone would help treat pots if taken long term.....
  10. EDIT: me again. im going to try this medicine again after taking it and then not taking it. this is literally the only thing in the entire universe that allows me to get regular sleep. i am going to watch my weight and exercise like a boxer preparing for a match. so overall i think its worth a try but if you cant keep your weight in check then dont bother cause you could get worse.
  11. Hi! Me again! Heres my update with Remeron Gained a shocking and unhealthy amt of weight It removed most of my symptoms at first Made me deconditioned and worse off than when I started. Got off it, painfully, and getting healthier. So ya, i change my view on this drug for pots.
  12. very exciting and hopefully leads to some much needed help for so many who are trying their best but still suffering
  13. it says 14 out of 14. 14/14 isnt 14 percent, its 100%. (Of pots patients tested) The study is saying antibodies to the alpha 1 adrenergic receptor are causing an interference with veins ability to constrict. They took samples from different universities and had the same result, even when the samples were blinded to the scientists. This is promising and its worth donating.
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