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hi everyone hope you are doing ok.

I know we have discussed this topic before but i have a question to ask.

I was doing so well up until now.I fainted this morning and my period has just started.I always seem to faint when im on my period.im also sooo exhausted.I just dont want to be fainting every month when my period comes.

Please could you give me any ideas on what would help with this.


h x

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I get much worse 7 days prior to starting and then they day/day after I start and then again toward the end of my cycle.

I did a saliva hormone test (which is more accurate than blood test because it test the fluctuations of hormones at various times of the day in certain phases of your cycle AND it test the amount of hormone available for your body's use..which can be different than the total amount shown in blood work). You can check out ZRT Laboratories for more info.

For me, having the saliva hormone testing was a blessing. I found my progesterone was dropping too much and I am now on a compounded progesterone cream I use 12 days a month and it's helping me less symptomatic at those times.

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After years of very regular periods mine got super irregular but I always knew they were coming b/c without fail I would be shakey & have major HR & BP issues 1-2 days before, also fainting at times. Eventually I started on birth control pills with the idea of only having a period every 3-4 months. This has been GREAT for me & even when I do get them they're not as bad (or rather the pre-period isn't as bad; I don't have issues once my period actually hits). I tried to wean off at one point when I was doing well overall and within a month could tell & it just wasn't worth the fight. So despite the odd looks of docs initially when they see I'm on BC & say that I'm not sexually active....it seems to at least be helping, so I'm sticking with it for now.

Good luck!


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Check this out http://www.salivatest.com/store/zrt_facts.html

I found it difficult to find a Dr who would order this test for me; most were 'stubborn" and didn't want to read up on this or assist me. I did finally find an OB/GYN who specializes in hormones and prefers using this testing method and says she's had 80% greater success in effectively treating patients symptoms using the saliva testing vs. blood test.

So far it's working well for me. Even if your Dr won't order it you still can order the kit yourself and pay for it and the lab will send all the stuff directly to you. I think it's about $170.

I am unable to take even the very low doses of bc pills so this has been a helpful option for me.

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