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Weird Brain Fog


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I have been feeling weird lately. It seems like i started feeling weird last tuesday after my migraine. Ever since then my brain fog has been so bad. Everyday I feel like a zombie. I wake up eat, work eat, netlix and sleep. everyday. I have been tired, no energy and irritable. For no reason! Been a little dizzy the past couple days too! My brain fog is bad at work too! Some times i think i am feeling better but it just comes right back. Doesn't help that they sprayed a whole bunch of febreeze at work. You get used to it after the first two hours but I am so sensitive to smells! The time i feel okay is first thing in the morning. Its like sometimes this week i don't have much energy to think. Its really getting frustrating! I can handle a day or two of it but not a week straight! Does anyone else get spells like this? I wish i knew what was causing it!

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