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I just had my last appt / visit with My GP who was instumental in helping me work to discover this path I am on now. He is the most dedicated Dr I have ever come across. the citizens of my Town are extraordinarily lucky to have both He and his Wife ( also a Wonderful GP ). During my trials and tribulations it was not uncommon for him to offer to come over to our home if the need arose. He took the extra time to indulge my theories and research and wasnever above trying NEW and Different things. Never did he think that we would not find an answer ,;moreover the concern for my and my families well being as my GP was always the first question fo any visit and any ideas of prognosis. When we decided to move ; it wasn't buying a home. Finding Schools ,buying furniture nor whether to make the move exactly , but will I be able to find a Medical partner to deal with this situation like my Doc. We talk about the Mayo , Vanderbilt , Clevelan clinic et al but if you don't have a professional liason a home it can be all for not. This is espeacially true in Canada with our system of referal. Its maddenning at best - deadly at its worst. When you are struck with a n under studied situation such as Dysautonomia you can easily be mis diagnosed - diregarded or plainly left to contend on your own.

For fear of rambling I just have to say that even after tough appts. with my GP , and there were some ( the devils advocate ones) , I always knew he was learning searching , thinking of ways to " FIX" me. That is what I am going to miss and hope to find in my new GP. Luckily the Endo at the Mayo I deal with is quite similar in attitude so I have been lucky. That is not to say I haven't Had my share of "unfortunates" - I HAVE LOTS- But My Gp , HIS Wife & of course my endo at hte Mayo clinic make up for all. I am greatly appreaciative THUS FAR. Although certainly not outta the woods at least see the forest for the trees

Thanks Doc if your reading SLAINTE` come to BC anytime

Hope you all indulge my little ramble here with some of your own I would like to hear them as we've all had the bad one's and should vent those.

Kite 7 :)

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Hi Kite7,

I had a FANTASTIC doctor who moved away not too long ago, so I can relate. She was open to all my thoughts and ideas, was compassionate, really listened, and had a way of putting people right at ease. I miss her! She was replaced with another doctor who I have only seen once...she seemed okay, but I don't think I will ever find a doctor that measured up to the one who left. It's fantastic when you can find one great doctor, let alone two, and I wish you the best in finding another.



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