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Lunesta (new sleep aid)

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Hmmm...I was on ambien 10mg at bedtime for almost 2yrs. it worked really well for a while, then i guess I became intolerant to it, and it didnt work work a hill of beans!

Lunesta, its a newer drug that has come out isnt it? I have never tried it.

But I have insomnia so bad now, I would be willing too!

I hope that you find something that will help you sleep soon!

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Yes, Lunesta is the latest sleep drug. It comes in 1, 2, or 3 mg but is time released so you can't cut it in half. I like that I could cut my ambien in half but like I said, I'm becoming tolerant. I was disappointed with Lunesta because I was in hopes it would work like my ambien used to and put me to sleep right away but Lunesta made me feel sweaty and dizzy and I had a terrible taste in my mouth and my BP kept dropping. I guess I'll try it again a little later.

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I've been taking Lunestra, and it usually works well for me. The ambien was great for falling asleep, but didn't keep me asleep, and Lunestra usually does. It tastes kinda nasty, and sometimes I feel a bit out of it the next day, but all of that is okey dokey with me.! I hope it works well for you!

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