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Update for Dancing Light

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You asked how I was doing on another thread and I thought I'd share here, because some of this info might benefit others here.

Yes, I am alive ... I am not posting as much lately because I am doing physical therapy right now to work on strengthening my muscles again. (Some of you may remember I dropped a significant amount of weight since I developed POTS, and my muscles went with it.) So far I am doing great in terms of handling the exercises. I haven't seen any improvement in overall strength yet, but it's very early in the game. And I haven't gained any weight back -- in fact, I am now 108, which is my lowest weight since I think sixth grade. But I am being patient and trying to focus on the fact that I haven't really lost any more since March, when I had the flu and couldn't eat for three days.

I also have been feeling a bit better in general. I attribute this to several things: 1) I started taking Effexor XR about two months ago and I think it's helping me with the anxiety I have surrounding my POTS. I feel like I have a little more energy too. Or maybe it's the weather changing ... I tend to get sluggish in the winter and perk up when the sun comes out, and we've been having great weather in Wisconsin these last couple weeks (I know, hard to believe!)

2) I am taking a high-quality multivitamin, a calcium-mag supplement, 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil daily, a baby aspirin, a B-complex supplement and a tiny dose of Klonopin (.25 mg a day). I had previously been just taking a basic multivitamin and the calcium-mag, plus amino acids (don't waste your money on the highly expensive L-carnitine and L-arginine).

3) Most days I am exercising -- at least walking or doing crunches and pushups. I also have been studying transcendental meditation and am trying to be less uptight in general.

My doctor, who is actually a rheumatologist but specializes in chronic fatigue and unusual cases like mine, put me on Plaquenil for three months from Feb. to May to see if I improved at all. But I didn't. It was an experiment to see if my problems were caused by an autoimmune process similar to lupus. He tends to think I have features of chronic fatigue and is treating me as such. He also happens to direct the university's integrative medicine program and wants me to see a psychiatrist who works with chakras and Ayurvedic medicine. He thinks my illness was surely triggered by the massive stress my body and mind went through with my pregnancy, and that I perhaps have some "blocked energy." I know this probably sounds like quackery to some of you, but I am willing to give the treatment a try and have an open mind. I know that in the past, I have definitely had a tendency toward anxiety. I am not so sure that I could have this many specific physical problems as a result, but again, I'm willing to try anything.

Sorry for the earful! But thank you for thinking of me, Emily. I hope you are feeling a bit better these days. I know your recovery has been slow and difficult, but it seems at least like you haven't been as horrendously ill as you were in the past with your GI stuff. I'm sending a big wave of healing energy your way!


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Wow Amy, it sounds like you are on the right track. Thanks for sharing that with us. I wish we had an "integrated medicine" program in my neck of the woods. I share a lot of that anxiety that you feel. I go through periods when I don't feel it at all, and then I'll go for days, or weeks where I feel very anxious and wound up.

I've been to a session of chakra/pranic healing before and it really felt incredible. The lady I went to had incredible credentials and came highly recommended, but because she is 2.5 hours away and my insurance doesn't pay for things like that, i haven't been back. I really should go again, because it was an amazing experience. It also depends on the practitioner. (when if first heard about this therapy I was very skeptical, but I'm always open to try new things and I'm glad I did) :)

I take many of the same supplements as you do as well. I really notice a difference if I don't take my magnesium at night. Like tonight, I forgot and I've been tachy all night and couldn't sleep.

Well, I'm excited for you. I hope the exercise helps you gain your strength back. Are you still avoiding sugar? I was so good for nearly a month and then fell off the wagon when the PMS kicked in. I feel so much better when I'm not eating it though.

Take care and keep us posted on your progress. :)

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Amy--I've been thinking about you and I am glad to read this update.

I would try the Ayruvedic approach too if I were you. If your medical doctor(s) whom you trust can follow this and be involved in treatment decision-making, so much the better. I always talk to my endocrinologist before trying any alternative therapy. Sometimes he says ok and sometimes he says definitely not.

I most definitely agree with you that anxiety would not cause you to be this ill or have these specific physical symptoms. However, anxiety can make some symptoms feel worse or exaccerbate some symptoms--this is my experience. I saw a psychiatrist with expertise in hypnosis and biofeedback, and it helped me. Not as much as fluids, salt, SSRI and betablockers, but it did help and I would do it again.

Let us know how things go.


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Yeah, thanks for the update! I just saw your post...the site is busy, busy today! :angry: So, I need to hit the hay, but am so grateful you posted, and will try to post a longer, more meaningful response soon! Until then, thanks for the update.

Hey, one of my bestest college friends is a Wisconsin girl and can't wait to move back after she finishes up her masters at Yale...she's a total midwestern girl at heart! People think we look like twins...especially when we both wear our overalls (which we do!)...OT, but a good smile for you...



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