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Pain problems


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Last year when I had my operation for my Endometriosis I notice my body does not react normally to pain. I recently had two small cuts on my hand. The first one from a potato peeler. It was so painful. The funny one was from a blade of grass. The pain from the cut actually woke me up in the middle of the night. I treated and tried to get back to sleep. This is not right and ridiculous. I grow up with 3 brothers. I played sports, climbed trees and everything. I was never supper sensitive. Or am I now :P ? I feel as if my pain threshold is disappearing. Is it the Fibrom... or the pots?

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boy, i'm just like that, only for me, it can be just the touch of my own clothes that sends me in a tailspin. i'm a huge fan of antibiotic creams with numbing agents in them for minor scratches and scrapes. there are alsohydrocortison creams. i also like a cream called "Swedish Bitters Capsaicin Cream" by natureworks, eventhough it has capsaicin cream in it, it doesn't "burn" like other capsaicin creams. i also take neurontin, currently i take 300 mgs, three times a day, but i can add one or two extra capsuls a day as needed. though i rarely do it, it does help on those really nasty days. i also take two asprin, twice a day.

for completely nonmedicinal stuff, try pinching the skin between your thumb and pointer finger, down towards the joint, squeeze frimly for about 10-15 seconds.

i hope it helps.


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