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Co2 Levels


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Anyone had there co2 levels tested? Mine are always elevated. How can I bring them down? My doctor keeps asking if I have sleep apnea. I don't, just the heavy breathing hyperventilating stuff. I really think it would benefit me if my levels were lower. I would love to try a cpap or bipap but don't know how I could get one without a sleep study and I would put money on not having symptoms the night of the study.

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I have had my co2 levels tested and they were elevated. I have the problem with hyperventilating (when I had tests done I was hyperventilating without knowing it) and I get shortness of breath. My doctor referred me to a respiratory physiotherapist and she is teaching me breathing exercises to get my breathing technique right and cut down on the hyperventilation. Do you think you could get your doctor to refer you?


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