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Has Any Taken/takes Nuvigil?


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I used to be on Provigil - that is, until the FDA pulled it in favor of Nuvigil -almost the exact same drug made by the same drug company but, costs a gazillion dollars more than privigil. My insurance company refused to pay for nuvigil since the label use is only for three conditions: 1. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) 2. Shift-work disorder and 3. Narcolepsy

Once a drug company's patent expires, any drug company is free to compound and sell the drug. The profits go way down and sometimes, it is not profitable to continue to manufacture a drug that is not under a patent. I suspect this is what happened with provigil. The company's patent on the drug was about to expire and they developed a "new" drug . hence "nuvigil" so now, they have another 10-year exclusive manufacturing and marketing deal. They can charge what they want to charge and it is not cheap. FDA was in "cahoots" with them by pulling provigil from the market and allowing only nuvigil to replace it. - gee, sounds like someone got a big pay-off......

Provigil worked very well - until I could not get it anymore. I cannot try nuvigil since I don't have one of the three required conditions to have insurance help with the several hundred dollars per prescription cost.

So, if nuvigil is not working for you, don't keep wasting your money and lining the pockets of the drug manufacturer. Go to another, less expensive drug and one that is proven to work well. I have been on several common ADHD drugs that are used off-label for alertness and have still had problems getting them from the pharmacy - same reason that there are so many drug shortages in the USA now: greed of the drug companies. It is not profitable to manufacture a common drug that other companies can manufacture so, all quit making the drug - or, only one company makes the drug - and that company produces a limited supply so that the demand stays high and the cost of the drug will rise substantially - the law of supply and demand....

It all can be terribly discouraging but, keep at it and something will finally work well and you will be able to obtain it regularly!

(I take Vyvanse)

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